Eye Bags + Botox

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Does Botox Help Reduce Under Eye Bags?

I am a 46 year old healthy man and have just started to see bags under my eyes. When I smile, I see wrinkles around my eyes. Will Botox help reduce... READ MORE

How Can I Remove my Pregnancy Mask?

I have brown patches on my face like the pregnancy mask I had so many years ago. How can I make it go away? Also I have bags under my eyes and... READ MORE

Botox Under Eye Has Caused Huge Bags and Wrinkles

My cosmetic doctor injected botox underneath my eye at the outer corners. As soon as I felt the botox take effect checked in a mirror I was horrified... READ MORE

How Long Will I Have These Bags Under Eyes After Botox Injection?

I had two units of botox injected under my eyes 6 days ago and bags under my eyes appeared 3 days after the injection, what look like pockets of fluid... READ MORE

Eyebags Worse After Botox?

Will Botox to crows feet make the bags and lines under the eyes look worse, as they  were not treated before? I have heard that Botox to crows... READ MORE

Botox Has Destroyed my Face & my Life. Is There Any Hope of a Recovery? (photo)

3 MONTHS ago I was injected (forehead ONLY) w/ 21 units of botox. A few days after, I developed extremely swollen eyelids, huge bags, double vision,... READ MORE

Will Botox Help With Under Eye Bags?

As above, I do not have crows feet, but I do have bags under my eyes, will botox help, I cannot supply a piccy READ MORE

When Does Botox Cause Bags Under the Eyes?

I only had botox three days ago, so I have yet to see any changes. However, one side-effect is worrying me: I have read that botox can cause under-eye... READ MORE

Botox for Undereye Bags?

Can You Use Botox Injections for Undereye Bags? READ MORE

Will Eye Bags Go Away After Excessive Botox?

I had Botox done on my crows feet and I believe the doctor used too much. I now have protruding bags under my eyes. Will these go away when the... READ MORE

Will Swelling and Bags Under Eyes Caused by Botox Every Go Away? Getting Worse @ 15 Weeks? (photo)

15 weeks ago I was injected w/ 21 units in glabella area @ a provider recommended on the botox website. I developed HUGE bags under my eyes & have... READ MORE

Botox to Lower Eyelid Caused Bags Under Eyes, What Can I Do?

I have had botox(forehead -good result) in crow's feet(small effect) This time my doctor wanted to set one unit under each eye to remove the lines... READ MORE

Is Botox or Juvederm a Better Solution to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags That Make Me Look Tired?

I just turned 30 and under my eyes I have little bags. Sometimes is not as bad as others. Some days it doesnt go away at all though. READ MORE

Series of Mistakes in Eye Region - 38 Year-old Woman

I had Botox 5 months ago for crow's feet with terrible results (strange smile/new wrinkles under eyes). I work on camera and was very depressed so... READ MORE

Eye Bags After Botox

I had Botox on my forehead, between the eyes and underneath the eyes. Have had botox under the eyes many times before but the doctor which I... READ MORE

Droopy Eyebrows and Puffiness After Botox

I was injected with Botox 4 days ago and noticed puffiness and slight drooping 2 days later. Now, it becomes worse and worse each day. My upperlids... READ MORE

Can Botox Under the Eyes (In the Eyelid Area) Cause Permanent Puffiness / Eye Bags?

I had botox injected into my lower eyelids in an effort to remove some of my under eye wrinkles. About a week, after the injections, I woke up with... READ MORE

Botox to the Glabella Caused Under Eye Bags, Is This Normal? What Can I Do? (photo)

I had 8 units of Botox to the upper forehead a week ago. I went back because a still had a few lines above my brows. The doctor said i needed to have... READ MORE

Horrific Permanent Botox Damage (Swollen,sunken Eyes,w/ Bags)-what Surgey Will Be Needed 2 Correct? (photo)

4+ MONTHS ago I had botox @ a registered provider.4 days later, my eyes were swollen w/ huge bags under.I have NOT improved & can verify... READ MORE

I have pockets of fluid under my eyes after Botox. How long will this last?

A few days after the treatment I got eyebags (moisture) under my eyes (pockets of fluid under my eyes). It's been 6 weeks now and still almost no... READ MORE

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