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How Long Will Partial Eyelid Droop from Botox Last? (photo)

I was given Botox injections on 1/26/12. 5 days later on 1/31/12 I noticed that my left eyelid was drooping. My brows are even, only the one eyelid is... READ MORE

Expected Outcome of Botox to Glabellar Lines?

I still have a tiny bit of movement when I try to frown after first Botox treatment 2 weeks ago. What do most people aim for when treating this area?... READ MORE

Why Did I Feel As if Cold Liquid Dripped on my Cheek when I Was Injected with Botox for Crows Feet?

When I was injected with botox for crows feet I felt as if the botox leaked onto my face and was cold. I now think the botox was injected into a nerve... READ MORE

Lasting Pseudoherniation of the Buccal Fat Pad/peri-oral Mound After Second Botox Treatment to Masseters

Hi! I had 42 units injected to each masseter last September. In may, I repeated the treatment. My face is unnaturally thin now, and since may, my left... READ MORE

Botox - Are These Results As Good As It Gets?

I have a very deep crease on my forehead between my eyes so I had Botox injected there about one week ago. I have noticed that the crease is not as... READ MORE

I Have Had a Constant Twitch in my Left Eye. I'm Having Botox To Treat It But Will It Make My Eyes Uneven?

I have had a constant twitch in my left eye that's been very annoying for over 1 year thankfully I'm having Botox next week to correct it but... READ MORE

No Prior Wrinkles, Had Botox Injections in Forehead and Crows Feet. What Can I Expect?

I am a 22 year old male with no wrinkles who was just injected with 25 units of BOTOX. I got 12 in the crows feet, 8 in my forehead and 5 in between... READ MORE

How long can I expect Botox induced ptosis to last?

8 days post Botox, I developed a droop in my right eye. The iopodine drops work very well in the morning, but are less potent in the evening when my... READ MORE

Botox injection in the crow's feet area. What should I expect?

Just had a botox injection in the crow's feet area and when the doctor was about to take the needle out I felt that the small amount of botox went... READ MORE

What are my options and expected outcomes of temporalis reduction? (photos)

I have abnormally mild temporal convexity so my temporalis is misshapen and thick because of confinement of the muscle, I believe. Not sure if it's... READ MORE

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