Excess Skin + Botox

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Eyebrow Droop After Botox?

32 years old. Think I'm experiencing eyebrow droop. Had 25 units I think in 11s and forehead. Have lateral movement in one side so eyebrow lifts at... READ MORE

Can You Inject Botox and Filler at the Same Time in the Same Place?

I have a very deep line between my eyebrows, I was told it would need a few units of botox, but also some filler to get ridd of it. Can that be done... READ MORE

Will Botox fix hooded eyes, or do I need an invasive procedure? (Photos)

I want to be able to wear winged eyeliner and it not be hidden. As well as my eyeshadow actually shows instead of just seeing black eyeliner. Botox... READ MORE

I'm only 19 & I have excessive skin on my forehead. How I can get rid of loose skin without Botox or Surgery? (photo)

When my face is relaxed I look mad. When I look down my forehead sags. When I rub my head my forehead wrinkles up. How can I permanently change this READ MORE

I Recently Had Botox For Eyebrows, But Now I Have Excessive Skin over my Eyelids. What Can Be Done?

I recently had Botox which is great but I have exssive skin on my eye lids which now makes my eyes look small I've had Botox before to lift my... READ MORE

Solution for One Droopy Eye and One Normal Eye?

Had Botox done 5 d ago by my IM doc. 4 injections in b/t my eyes for a minor wrinkles. I had one noticable wrinkle on the forehead but he said I had... READ MORE

Is Laser Surgery a Good Option for my Neck?

I am a young active male. I have almost no body fat (6%) and I have never been overweight. I have an extremely well defined jaw line. I have what is... READ MORE

Would botox help with hooded eyes or would I benefit more from a procedure to remove some skin? (Photo)

I have hooded eyes or excess skin on my eyelids. I am 25 and feel like is a hereditary condition for me. READ MORE

I have shadows and excess skin on the outside of my lips!.. (photos)

It appears to be hanging down. I am 20 years old, and I have been thin my entire life. What is this and how can I get rid of it. Ive been told buckle... READ MORE

Followup: what is the risk of jowliness or paralyzation using Botox for the masseter?

How likely is it using Botox to feminize a jawline creates "jowliness" in patients with excess skin, or in exposure of the buccal pad? What is the... READ MORE

I would like advice on non-surgical procedures to deal with excess skin/bands on my neck. (Photo)

I had 15 CCs of Botox 13 days ago and do not see desired effects. Should I try Botox again with greater amount of CCs? Would cool sculpting be an... READ MORE

I still frown, should i get more botox? If so where? (photos)

After 2 sessions of botox with 2 weeks apart from on to other , everything is perfect but i still frown.im afraid eyebrows will get too low if i get... READ MORE

11's just won't go away? (Photo)

I posted earlier about my stubborn 11's/little excess skin. I had a total of 38 units (18 first round and over a month later another 20 units). I can... READ MORE

Would I benefit from botox? (Photo)

I have very droopy uneven eyes as well as hooded eyes. I seem to have excess skin above my eyelids. I am 18 and this makes me very insecure, was... READ MORE

Can Botox lift excess skin around my eyes, especially in the inner corner, to make them look more open?

Can Botox lift excess skin around my eyes especially in the inner corner to make them look more open READ MORE

Any suggestions around the eyes; Botox or surgery? (photos)

33 years old mother I lost weight last year 13 kg. My eyes which is a big problem for me , my upper lid looks bulky sick and down , and my under eyes... READ MORE

Epicanthal fold - I have excess skin on my inner eye it's not a lot like a typical epicanthol fold.

Is there a way I could get rid of it without surgery like Botox? As it goes when I move the skin. READ MORE

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