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Can Botox Be Injected Under the Eye?

I have crinkles under my eye.  My dermatologist and others refuse to put Botox under the eye.  The crinkles come when I smile, so I realize... READ MORE

Can You Exercise After Botox or Will It Decrease the Results?

Can You Exercise After Botox  or Will It Decrease the Results READ MORE

Botox to Contour Jawline?

Approximately, how many units of Botox are necessary to contour thejawline? I've called a few plastic surgeons & have gotten different responses... READ MORE

I Had Botox in my Masseters 2 Days Ago, when I Can Expect to Notice Any Effect? (photo)

I had botox injected into my masseters for jaw reduction and to stop my clenching and grinding two days ago. I don't see or feel any change yet. Can... READ MORE

What Are the Effects of Botox on the Upper Eyelids?

When Botox is administered for crow’s feet, what effect does it have on the upper eyelids? Does it lift the upper eyelids and make the skin less... READ MORE

Which Takes Effect Faster, Botox or Dysport?

I have an appointment with my doctor for Botox/Dysport on Friday at 10a.m. I have two occasions: one on Sunday, the other on Tuesday. Which between... READ MORE

How Long Does Botox Take to Work in the Masseter Muscles?

How long does Botox take to work in the masseter muscles? I have thick masseter muscles and i want to get some botox injections on each side to reduce... READ MORE

Does Freezing Botox Change It?

I have been told that a local doctor only injects Botox in his patients on the day he gets it in....other offices have it all the time...because they... READ MORE

Will a Red Light Collagen Therapy Bed Reduce the Effectiveness of Botox?

I have recently had botox, and it has worked a treat on my forehead. I have just read about red light collagen therapy beds, and the positive effects... READ MORE

What is the Percentage of Incidences Where Botox is Not Effective at All?

I recently (about 90 hours ago) had Botox injected into my frown lines and so far there is no change in my frown lines, no hint of paralysis, nothing.... READ MORE

Does Botox Work Faster in Forehead Vs Glabella?

Hi, I just received my first Botox treatment on Tuesday for my 11 lines (20 units) and forehead (6 units). I understand it can take up to 2 weeks to... READ MORE

Does Botox Affect Smile?

I want to get Botox on my lower face but will I be able to still smile? I have had Restylane but was not happy with the results. Would Botox give a... READ MORE

Can Botox Last Longer Than Six Months?

I have had botox several times and always like the effects (forhead) the last time I had it was six months ago and it looks like I just had it three... READ MORE

Botox & Dysport No Longer Working as Well, Suggestions?

Botox and Dysport no longer effective on brow area. I've used the same doctor for several years; lately, it's not working as well as it used... READ MORE

Does Botox Work on Chest Lines?

I was told by a prominent dermatologist who's always in the news, that Botox can eradicate chest lines. Is it true? READ MORE

Botox Not Working for 11s After 10-14 Days? (photo)

Had Botox 13 days ago, pic is from day 10, I feel like there is barely a difference. Im not expecting etched lines to be gone, however , I would like... READ MORE

Does Botox and Microcurrent Facials Cancel Each Other out for Wrinkle Reduction?

Looking at botox and micro current facials to lift sagging skin and reduce wrinkles, just want to make sure there is no negative interactions, would... READ MORE

Is Botox or Juvederm a Better Solution to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags That Make Me Look Tired?

I just turned 30 and under my eyes I have little bags. Sometimes is not as bad as others. Some days it doesnt go away at all though. READ MORE

Which Do You Think is Better to Combat the Dreaded Frown Line...botox or Juvederm?

I am going to have either or done next week for my frown line between my eyes. I can't stand it! I had a conservative amount of Botox done for... READ MORE

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