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Botox on the Depressor Anguli Oris Muscle?

Hello! I am 21 years old yet I have downturned corners of the mouth and what seems to be like a very slight marionette line. I was wondering if... READ MORE

Will Botox in my 'Marionette Lines' and Corners of Mouth Help to Uplift the Profile of my Mouth in General? (photo)

My mouth naturally turns down at the corners and more so as I have aged. Botox in the Cupid bow area has actually increased this downturn by puffing... READ MORE

Corner of Smile Turns Down After Botox for Mouth Frown, What's The Cause?

I'm from Sydney, Australia. I went to a dentist offering a special on dermal fillers. She suggested before dermal fillers I would need to have... READ MORE

Corners of the Mouth Treatment? Two Lines Going Downward?

I can't seem to find a plastic surgeon to correct my corners of the mouth. I tried fillers and Botox but never got them to disappear completely. Every... READ MORE

Is it possible to use Botox to prevent the smile from turning downwards without affecting upward smile?

Sorry I can't upload photos, I will try to describe in detail. I find myself tightening the chin area when I'm nervous and also making frown faces I... READ MORE

Botox for downturned mouth. Is Botox for this issue fairly foolproof?

I am 41 with a slightly downturned mouth. The aesthetics nurse at PS office recommends Botox followed by filler. Is Botox for this issue fairly... READ MORE

1 year post op Botox, my lips turn downward. What is the problem? (photos)

Pls reference my photos. Rec. so far have been mid face lift, fillers n laser treatment or corner lipLift. Lips were never dwnward just until last yr... READ MORE

Are these the start of marionette lines? I am 25. Are these from aging or genetics? Botox for corners? (photos)

Not sure if my lips are always this downturned or if my face is beginning to sag. I have a very asymmetrical face as you could see. And I see the... READ MORE

I'm 53 yr old female w/ downward "Mouth Frown" lines & folds @ Lip Corners (Marionette Lines?). Will Botox/Fillers help? (photo)

Since 2013 the lines & folds developed. From Aging but POSSIBLY 2 other factors ? 1) 2012 ileostomy due to Crohn's & precancerous cells. Since 3/2013... READ MORE

Where to inject botox to stop the nose from pointing down when smiling?

I have always had an issue with my nose. It points down a lot when I smile, and so last year I had botox injected right under the columella and then 2... READ MORE

Not quite ready for surgery - can Botox help lift my brows and correct asymmetry? (photos)

Thanks to genetics I have slightly hooded eyelids and down-turned eyes, and my brow positions are low and asymmetrical. I would love to have more... READ MORE

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