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What Do Doctors Do with the Remaining Botox when They Only Use 10-15 Units from a 50 Unit "Single-unit" Vial of Botox?

Curious how it works when you get only say 10-20 units of botox, what happens to the rest of the product they did not use on you? Can it be reused... READ MORE

I Had a Vial of Unopened Unreconstituted BOTOX in the Fridge and the Fridge Broke Overnight. Can It Still Be Used?

The temperature in the fridge got up to 37 degrees celsius. Also how long does a bottle of reconstituted Botox last if it is refrigerated? Does it... READ MORE

Side of my face looks like I had a stroke - Botox or bell's palsy?

I had a botox and lip filler nearly 4 weeks ago, my left had side of my face has started to look like a stroke, the doctor tinks its bells porsey, BUT... READ MORE

In Arizona can a Cosmotologist train to inject Fillers and/or Botox?

In Arizona can a Cosmotologist train to inject Fillers and/or Botox? Can a Cosmotologist under the direction of an FNP injection either fillers or... READ MORE

My Botox only lasts 2 months, should I find another doctor that injects more?

I have done botox twice and each time I need to schedule a new appointment around 2 months. This is after going for the first appointment and coming... READ MORE

Why do doctors in Nevada not offer Botox or services on Saturdays?

Most women try to fit the time and money into a working schedule. Time off, money lost, and no day to take yourself for a relaxing "me time" either... READ MORE

What type of doctor will use Botox for TMJ/ jaw pain/ grinding?

I'm interested in botox for TMJ. I happily get botox in my crow's feet and consider that a vanity expense I am happy to spend my money on, but for a... READ MORE

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