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Will eye discomfort and eye strain from Botox ever go away?

Dear doctors, I am 3 weeks post botox and I suffer from dry eyes, pressure around my eyes and eye strain and discomfort. I had 16 units injected for... READ MORE

Will I go back to normal after Botox causes eye bags and eye discomfort?

Dear doctors, I am 2.5 months post botox around the eyes and I have been suffering from eye bags ever since the botox. The inner corners of my eyes... READ MORE

Botox for Crows Feet Has Caused an Uneven Mouth and Discomfort in my Jaw?

I had botox 2 weeks ago for crows feet for the first time at a well-established practice. I noticed effects 30 hours later including not being able to... READ MORE

Nurse pressed down on glabella area AFTER Botox injections, made me feel uncomfortable for a long time and wouldn't let me up.

I just had botox today. I have researched the advice and protocol pertaining to aftercare. I have read not to press down on the area. The doctor... READ MORE

What does Botox feel like in the forehead? Is there a constant discomfort?

I was told by a friend who got Botox in her forehead that she would never do it again as it felt like something was stuck to her forehead and wouldn't... READ MORE

Slight swelling and discomfort at procerus after Botox.

I've never had botox before but my first time was a few hours ago. I have the feeling of a bruise at my procerus When I graze my hand across the skin.... READ MORE

Will eating after Botox on masseter decrease the effect and can you do another injection in 3 weeks?

I had Botox jaw reduction 10 days ago. Unlike what my friends with past experience said, my doctor said that chewing wouldn't affect the effect. So I... READ MORE

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