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Who is Qualified to Inject Botox?

I'm thinking about getting Botox injections in my forehead but I don't know what qualifications/education pratitioners need to do Botox injections.  READ MORE

Who Can Inject Botox?

I would imagine botox injections need to be done by doctors, but i keep hearing about nurses and others doing it...isn't botox a medical treatment... READ MORE

Should I Go See a Plastic Surgeon or a Dermatologist for my Botox Injection?

I decided to go for my first botox injection. I have decided to stay away from botox party or med spas. I am going to the best plastic surgeon or... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Botox in New York City

I am looking for a doctor in NYC to get botox in masseter muscle. Should i go to a dermatologist? A plastic surgeon? Or an Oral surgeon? Any help... READ MORE

When dealing with bruxism/TMJ, is Botox better from a dentist than a dermatologist?

I received Botox treatments (for cosmetic reasons) from my dermatologist several times and was very pleased with the results. My dentist has suggested... READ MORE

I got Botox 2 months ago. Noticed my cheeks drooped and shape of eyes changed (smaller/sunk in/dark circles) Will this go away?

I've been going to the same injector for 3 years- a highly reputable board certified cosmetic dermatologist. I've always loved the results. I went... READ MORE

Botox made vertical platysmal bands worse. Will it resolve? (photo)

I had 2 small vertical platysmal bands underneath my chin. Botox was injected by my cosmetic dermatologist -days after the bands became exaggerated.... READ MORE

Will botox still work after being neutralised?

Put botox in 2 lines of my forehead like 24 hours a go.After 24 hours I regret because my eyebrow drop down so the dermatologist Injected a... READ MORE

Why do some doctors don't like doing botox in the masseter? My doctor said she doesnt like the results.

Hi there! I just went for a consultation with my dermatologist and I mentioned that I wanted to get botox in the masseter. I have a huge face and my... READ MORE

I just received Botox injections to my feet, my dermatologist only did maybe 15 shots to each foot?

How many shots are required for good results , I have suffered for 15 yrs and finally my insurance approved Botox, I feel my dermatologist didn't... READ MORE

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