Depressor Septi Muscle + Botox

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Injecting Botox to Deactivate Depressor Septi Nasi Muscle After Revision Rhinoplasty

I had revision rhinoplasty ~20 days ago. First time my tip dropped. Now it has been lifted. I expect it will drop (I can tell!). My tip drops when I... READ MORE

Botox for depressor septi nasi muscle?

My nose droops down when I smile, which I don't like. However, I am concerned how this will affect my smile, in addition to my flute playing and... READ MORE

Botox Into The Depressor Septi Muscle to Help With Stuffy Nose?

I have struggled with post nasal drip and a stuffy nose for years. An article says if the upper lip muscles are weak, it can cause the Depressor Septi... READ MORE

How much Botox should be injected into depressor septi muscle?

I'm thinking about having my depressor septi muscle weakened but before that I'd like to see what the result might look like. I read botox would work... READ MORE

Can I get botox to stop me being able to scrunch up my face? (photo)

(botox below the brow - depressor supercilii and on the upper nose) I got the vertical line/frown sorted with botox (corrugators, glabella, procerus)... READ MORE

How can I find a doctor who specialises in Botox for the depressor septi muscle?

My nose tip does not droop with a rested facial expression , tho i do have a slight dorsal hump, my nose tip only droops when smiling and talking . READ MORE

Can Botox be placed in depressor muscles to look less bulky around the mouth? Can it make saggy lower mouth look lifted? (Photo)

I had restylane injected into fill my nasolabial folds, outer corners of mouth to give a "lift" and depressor muscles to "even things out". I didnt... READ MORE

Will Botox in my DAO muscle let me smile extend fully at the corners? (Photo)

My smile doesn't seem to fully extend out to my cheeks, I don't have a shortness of my lips so I think the DAO muscle might be causing this. In my... READ MORE

Depressor nasal septi dropping tip Botox undesired result

Hello. what are the undesired results of depressor nasal septi botox if done incorrectly? Can it possibly effect lip lifting during a smile... READ MORE

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