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How Does Botox Dissipate Inside Our Body?

I believed that Botox is toxic. How does our body dispose it.?Does it affect our organ such as liver and kidney? READ MORE

I want more defined cheek bones. My face is quite round and does not have much definition. What would you suggest?

Would you suggest cheek fillers or Botox in cheeks? And what is the difference between the two? READ MORE

Swelling in lower face 6 weeks after masseter Botox injection? (Chipmunk cheeks, lost jaw definition) (Photo)

I received intra-masseter Botox injections 6 weeks ago for TMJ. Initially, the swelling around my masseter/lower face vanished, but I recently noticed... READ MORE

Will Botox Bring a Visible Difference to my Jawline? (photo)

Hi.i feel my jawline has no definition at right jaw looks more rounded than the left's not due to fat since I'm towards the lower range... READ MORE

Wanting More Definition to my Jaw Line, Near the Ears: What type of injections should I consider? (Photo)

I already have a pretty defined jaw line however I want it to be a little more defined. Im not a candidate for liposuction or a face lift so i want... READ MORE

How can I get a well defined jawline? (Photo)

My jaw bone itself it nt in strong or wel defined shape. so decided to reduce the entire neck. dont know whether i was nt in right hands but neck n... READ MORE

Nasolabial fold Botox, filler or buccal pad removal? (Photo)

I've always been bothered by the roundness of my cheeks, which when I smile makes a deep vertical fold from nose to mouth for a 'chipmunk' smile. My... READ MORE

Can a nose be made thinner/more defined with Botox and fillers only? (Photo)

I have a wide, flat nose and would like a thinner more defined nose. Photos below. Can the nose be made thinner and more defined just with the use of... READ MORE

Stronger Jaw line with injectables?

Is it possible to achieve a more defined jaw line with injectables? or would botox be used? READ MORE

Looking for smaller jaw, even defined jaw with Botox/fillers, if done in the nasolabial folds will it make cheeks bigger? Cost?

I am 23 and have never done this before. I want botox/fillers in the lips, jaw and nasiolabial folds.. READ MORE

Botox or fat removal for lower cheeks? (Photo)

I have issues with the frontal lower cheek area by my mouth. I would like to have a more chiseled, defined cheek area. Would Botox or fat removal help... READ MORE

Eligible for masseter botox? (photo)

The left side of my face is more round than the right side of my face. The right side has a more defined jaw line while there is too much hypertrophy... READ MORE

What can I do to get more definition at the end of my jawline nearest my ears? (more info in details)

Will injecting masseters with botox create even less definition? I want to shrink my masseters, but worry that it will cause me to lose (my already... READ MORE

Jawline botox (results and top-ups).

I just got my jawline Botox done 5 days ago and had 20 units on each side. So far I still have not see any change in my physical look in terms of... READ MORE

Follow-Up: Exactly a week from my first jawline botox treatment, but my overall physical looks don't seem to have any changes.

I tried to clench my teeth to feel my jawline, felt that my jaws are not as big as before (Or maybe it hasn't reduced at all but I am making myself to... READ MORE

Is it true that applying botox in the masseter makes your cheek muscles (maybe other muscles as well) stand out?

I read that a few times. If it's true why is it so? I would love to have fuller cheekbones/more defined without injecting filler. And I want to get... READ MORE

Jaw botox, thread lift or face lipo for defined and slimmer face? What are the difference between the 3 procedure? (photo)

I had jaw botox before but I am not so sure about the result. One doctor said that I should have face liposuction for defined jawline. I need more... READ MORE

Do wisdom teeth affect size of masseter muscles? Recently had masseter botox (Photo)

I would like to have a more defined jawline/cheekbone! I am 23, still have my wisdom teeth (occasional discomfort but no major problems) & I received... READ MORE

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