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Will Botox Work for Lines Under the Eyes?

I am not concerned with my crows feet as much as the lines that are under my eyes. They are deep even when I am not smiling, which is when they are... READ MORE

Deep Creases Under Eyes After Botox for Crows Feet

I received Botox for my crows feet area. She used 5 units on each side. I now have deep horozontal creases under each eye. It seems that since the... READ MORE

I Have a Deep Horizontal Wrinkle on Both Sides of my Chin. Can Botox Help?

I am 65 and have no other wrinkles that bother me. My skin is fairly smooth otherwise and I am frequently taken for my mid 40s. READ MORE

Botox for Deep Line on Nose Tip?

Can I get Botox injected to the tip of my nose to get rid of a deep line? My nose that looks like a butt or do I have to get surgery? READ MORE

I had Botox injection in my forehead for the famous 11 and they are deep. She used 20 units. Should I worry? (Photo)

Hello I had Botox injection yesterday today I have 2 lil bumps mosquito bite size and are a lil blue should I be concerned about it? How look would it... READ MORE

Not too sure if my frown lines are too severe and deep. How will I know if Botox will get rid of my frown lines?

I'm in my mid-40s & had Botox twice in the last 2 years. I have very deep frown lines that seem permanent in certain lighting yet are undetectable in... READ MORE

Botox and Restylane - Looking to treat deep horizontal forehead line. (photo)

Hello, I am in the New York area and looking for Botox and Restylane to treat deep horizontal forehead lines, but do not even know where to begin to... READ MORE

Botox on nasolabials, 1 year later that area became flat and deep and it went until my cheeks and almost atrophied (Photo)

Few months later the same thing happened with the other side which was injected with less botox but is hurting me ( i feel like a burning sensation... READ MORE

I have one frown line between my brows. How can I take care of it before it gets deeper? (Photo)

I'd like to take care of it before it gets deeper. I would like to use as little botox as possible as I am not a fan of the frozen look. How many cc's... READ MORE

Botox for a 15 year old patient in the forehead area? (Photo)

It is a really deep wrinkle, I'm not quite sure if it is caused by an enlarged brow bone, or my skin type but it is very noticeable. side profile you... READ MORE

I have deep lines (nasolabial) and would like them filled. Should I use fillers or Botox?

I'm 23 and have terrible skin and scar pretty easily. I have deep folds between my eyes and from the sides of my nose (which is pretty large,... READ MORE

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