Dark Circles + Botox

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Are Fillers Or Botox Best for Fine Lines Under the Eyes?

I have little fine lines under my eyes as well as hereditary dark circles. I was tod fillers were the best option for me, I'm worried that the filer... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Puffiness and Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

I received botox for the first time and am a 33 year old Asian. I had a total of 16 units (4 in my procerus, 3 each in my corrugators, 2 units in my... READ MORE

Bruising and Swelling After Minimal Amount of Botox?

Hi. I had Botox 5 days ago and after the 3rd day, I appear to have dark circles, swelling and have acquired some bruising. Is this normal and will it... READ MORE

Botox on my Forehead, Frown Lines and Crows Feet, and My Eyes Look Tired and Feel Heavy. Causes?

I have had botox injections for the forehead, frown lines and crow feet areas two weeks ago. I noticed recently that my eyes look very tired, as if I... READ MORE

Botox Went Wrong? Undereye Wrinkles Appear After 1 Week and Dry Skin?

I am in 30s and have no sign of wrinkles. But I have dark eye circle and I wanted to slow down ageing apart from ridding off my dark eye circle. A... READ MORE

I Had Botox Under my Eyes Two and a Half Weeks Ago. Puffy in the Morning and Left With Dark Circles?

After the treatment I had ruining and now it looks like dark circles under my eyes. In the mornings they are all puffy. How long will this... READ MORE

Redness and Swelling Normal Day 5 After Botox? Dark Circles Also Look Worse.

I took botox 7 days agos and on day 5 I noticed that the region above the right cheek showed signs of redness and swelling (it's not the region... READ MORE

Botox made eyes puffy, filler made them puffy & wrinkled. What else can I do? (Photo)

I'm young (30's) w/a thin face & dark circles. Recently noticed some crows feet & puffiness under the eyes. Went to one of the best Dr's for some... READ MORE

Can botox around the eyes cause permanent damage?

I am 29 this year and this is my first botox experience. I am 2 weeks post botox around the eyes and I am devastated that when I smile, there is no... READ MORE

After Having Botox Injections Can It Cause Racoon Looking Eyes?

I recently had botox injected in the crows feet, nose, lower eye lid, and forehead. I now have what appears to be half circles under my eyes and it... READ MORE

How can I correct my under eye dark circles, bags and fine lines? (photos)

I initially went in to speak to my PS because I felt I have under eye hollows, and was looking to reduce them with filler, they advised I do... READ MORE

Botox or PRP or threads

Hi I'm 32 -under my eyes is dark dose PRP help or laser? -My checks is dropping also my lips corner started to drop.PRP or threads is better ? I know... READ MORE

Botox at 21?

Hello, I am a 21 year old with eyes of a 50 year old. Growing up the black circles kept getting worse as well as the hollowness of my eyes. My brows... READ MORE

Face contouring for feminine look. (Photo)

Jaw line,dark circles and overall oval face look required in 45 years old lady . Suggest some non invasive procedure. Kindly specify area on which... READ MORE

So I've decided for a combination of Botox and ultheraphy. Perhaps next year I'll try fillers. Any thoughts? (photos)

I want to refresh my look. Concerned about a fine line ive recently developed on upper eyelid (dropping) and fine wrinkles when I smile on lower eye... READ MORE

I had botox when I didn't need it. When it dissolves, will my skin look more aged? I don't have any lines

Im 26 and 5 months ago I went to dermatologist for my under eye circles that was my only problem I had and she injected me with restylane also... READ MORE

What combination of filler/botox do I need to look less tired and achieve better facial symmetry? (Photo)

I am a 25yo F. 1) I always look tired because of my dark under-eye circles and 2) R side of my face is thinner than my left, esp in cheek and jowls.... READ MORE

Is it possible to get Botox or fat transfer for sunken dark eyes? (photos)

I'm 21 and I have lupus. Since my diagnosis last year my body has gone through a lot of changes regarding appreance. I have noticed however since the... READ MORE

Had under eye Botox done a few years ago, now I suffer from dark circles. Are there non surgical procedures to fix this? (photo)

I see dark circles and bulging under my eye. So I have to wear makeup to cover the darkness. The bulge still exist. READ MORE

What would you recommend for the circles under my eyes? (Photo)

Would Botox on my frown and crows feet help my under eye circles? I'm 38 and at a consultation was told only Botox for the above areas and nothing but... READ MORE

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