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Can Botox Be Damaged by Massage?

I received botox in my forehead about 5 days ago for the very first time. today i was getting a manicure, and the manicurist took it upon herself to... READ MORE

Someone Moved my Forehead Up and Down Right After I Had Botox Injections- Did I Damage My Results?

I was always told that you should not move your forehead, put your head down for 4 hours or go to sleep after botox. I know have a droopy eyelid.... READ MORE

How Bad Does It Have to Get Before a Doctor Loses Their License?

In recent news, a Los Angeles plastic surgeon lost his license over the death of celebrity Kanye West's mother and a Sacramento dermatologist merely... READ MORE

I Rubbed My Botoxed Area by Mistake 28 Hours (1 Day) After the Injection?

I was having a shower 28 hours after my botox injection (between the eyebrows). I was washing up and got some soap in my eye. Without thinking, I... READ MORE

Meige's Syndrome Treatment with Botox

I received Botox treatments for a neurological condition called Meige's Syndrome, which involves excessive facial twitches and blinking. After a... READ MORE

Weak Eye Muscle - Will It Improve?

I had botox 4/10, within one week developed ptosis to rt lid-it has mostly resolved, but my rt lid still is very slightly lower on that iris and the... READ MORE

Can I Use an Inversion Table After Botox?

I typically use the inversion table (basically a headstand) every other day, which allows me to hang vertically upside down. This helps my spine and... READ MORE

Can I damage my Botox, muscles or face by bumping my head about four and half hours after injection?

About four and half hours after Botox injection, I bumped my head on the dresser decently hard -directly at the injection site. Will there be side... READ MORE

Got Botox a day after getting a dermaplaning treatment, did I damage my skin?

I have 2 concerns. I had dermaplane treatment with waxing of my eyebrows and a day later had botox. The area where the botox was injected began to... READ MORE

Will Added Pressure To Pop A Pimple In Same Area as Botox Affect Results?

I recently got botox between my eyebrows and the next day I had a pimple. I completely forgot I had botox injected and added a lot of pressure to pop... READ MORE

Can botox around the eyes cause permanent damage?

I am 29 this year and this is my first botox experience. I am 2 weeks post botox around the eyes and I am devastated that when I smile, there is no... READ MORE

Does Botox Ever Cause Permanent Damage?

My plastic surgeon inadvertently injected my depressor labi six months ago and I still have problems with food trapping and a crooked smile. READ MORE

Botox caused me PERMANENT damage. I had reconstructive surgery to repair wasted botox muscles. Does my healing look ok? (photo)

17 months ago, at age 28, I made the biggest mistake of my life: 21 units of Botox in my forehead. I did NOT have filler or get "fake" Botox. U of M... READ MORE

Does Botox effect egg quality?

I'm about to start IVF (3 month egg collection) and wondered if botox would be a problem. Does it get into the blood stream and could it potentially... READ MORE

Botox ruined my smile and it's not going away? (Photos)

I am 8 weeks post injection and my smile is NOT improving and i am in a total panic that i have potentially ruined my face for good! I had 2.5 units... READ MORE

Sweating from outside heat after botox. Will this affect my results? (Photo)

I was taking something out of the oven about 3 hours after Botox. So I was exposed to the oven heat for about 2-3 secs. Will this affect Botox? Also,... READ MORE

Does Botox make the skin age faster?

I know that the sun and food can cause free radical damage. And I know that Botox is a toxin. Does Botox cause free radical damage or other bad things... READ MORE

Botox Upper Lips Area From Tip Lip to Mouth?

From 2002 - 2008 I have had 100 units on this area. On 2008 I had 200 units this caused balloning and could purse my lips slighly but could not speak... READ MORE

In the mechanism of action of BOTOX, does the nerve ending always regenerate?

Is there any cases where the nerve ending does not grow back, resulting in permanent paralysis or damage of any sort? Thanks so much......... READ MORE

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