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How Effective is Botox for Under Eye Wrinkles?

Hi, there. I'm a 27 year old woman who has unsightly under eye wrinkles. I take pretty good care if my skin. However, there seems to be nothing I can... READ MORE

Does Botox Work on Horizontal Forehead Creases?

I am 38 years old. I am desperate to find a non-invasive procedure to help reduce the lines going accross my forehead. I have four (two are very... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Horizontal Crease Between my Eyes?

At the very top of my nose, between my eyes is a crease that appears as if my forehead is slipping down, which it probably is because when I put on a... READ MORE

Deep Creases Under Eyes After Botox for Crows Feet

I received Botox for my crows feet area. She used 5 units on each side. I now have deep horozontal creases under each eye. It seems that since the... READ MORE

Can Botox Correct Nose Crease?

Will Botox or another injectable filler correct a horizontal crease at the top of my nose (between my eyebrows)? It's NOT the 11 that most people are... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Chin Crease? (photo)

Im30 years old. I am writing to ask what i can do about the loss of volume shown in the photo. When i smile i have a fold on my chin and cheeks. Im... READ MORE

How Long After Getting Botox Can I Get More if I'm Not Seeing Much Change?

I have deep forehead creases and I got my first botox treatment (12 units) about 7 days ago. I am noticing a slight change but not much. How long... READ MORE

Botox Caused Small Eye and Extra Eyelid Folds in Crease, Is It Permanent?

Botox injection drooping of the eyelid never subsided. 3 months later same injections. left eyelid drooping looks like left eye is half size of my... READ MORE

Botox Combined with Filler at Chin

I have restylane filler done to augment my chin 1 month ago. However, I can still see my labiomental crease and would like to have botox injection to... READ MORE

Bad Botox Results on Crows Feet-What Happened?

I had my crows feet done in December with terrible results. When I smile I get these horrible flaps of skin above my cheeks that I did not have before... READ MORE

Crease Too High After Asian Eyelid Surgery- Can I Use Botox To Lower Eyebrows to Push Down High Upper Eyelid Line?

I had asian eyelid surgery and was left with crease that are too high,asymmetric,w/ hollowness. I found a great ocuplastic surgeon who filled my UL... READ MORE

Botox 6 Weeks Ago for Frown Lines and Creases Stay For 1 Hour. How Long Does it Take For it to Wear Off?

I had Botox 6 weeks ago. I just had it for my frown lines. If I sleep on my left hand side I get a sleep crease above my left eyebrow and takes about... READ MORE

How can I cure wrinkles, creases & folds under my eyes cause by Botox to treat crows feet? (photo)

I have recently had botox for crows feet , since then I have become very aware of creases/ folds under my eyes.  I have had extra botox 5 units... READ MORE

Botox Brow Ptosis with Creases Under Eyebrows (Toward Bridge of Nose)?

2 months after a set of Botox injections for my brow, suddenly my brows dropped & creases developed right underneath both eyebrows, toward the... READ MORE

Eye shape after Botox. (photo)

I know it's time for Botox when I wake up with a crease in between my eyes. 3 weeks ago I got Botox from a place I have gone to for several years. My... READ MORE

Long term effects of botox? (photo)

I have deep creases that extend down into my checks. I've had this my entire life, but as i've gotten older, they are becoming more prominent. I was... READ MORE

Under Eye Bags and Creases After Botox. What are my Options?

I had botox a week ago for crows feet. I've had it many times before but this time I have developed bags and creases under my eyes which make me... READ MORE

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