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Will Botox for Migraines Provide Cosmetics Benefit As Well As Possible Migraines Relief?

I just got my Botox for migraines yesterday by my neurologist. I know it takes a week to see full effects and I praying for less migraines. But I am a... READ MORE

Can Cosmetic Botox and Medical Botox Both Be Used?

I currently get 100 units of medical Botox in my neck every 3 months for Essential Tremor/Dystonia. I would like to use cosmetic Botox for my frown... READ MORE

Botox made vertical platysmal bands worse. Will it resolve? (photo)

I had 2 small vertical platysmal bands underneath my chin. Botox was injected by my cosmetic dermatologist -days after the bands became exaggerated.... READ MORE

Does lopidine help with recovery of ptosis or is it just cosmetic?

I had botox between my brows and across forehead 10 days ago. After 6 days, very dramatically my left eyelid began to droop.It feels like it is... READ MORE

Is it ok to have cosmetic botox injections as well as my regular 3 month botox injections for cervical dystonia?

I have botox injections into my neck every 3 months for cervical dystonia (usually around 80 units) which is a great help. Please could you tell me if... READ MORE

How well does Botox For TMJ work? (photos)

I suffer from TMJ I work in sales so I'm always stressed and talking which have aggravated my TMJ to flare up more often. I get a tight jaw, facial... READ MORE

Can Botox in masseter cause TMD?

I started getting Botox injections to the masseter a few years ago, and I have been had problems with my jaw since then. I noticed the symptoms when... READ MORE

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