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Facial Drooping After Botox

The overdose of botox has affected my daughters face and looks as if she has had a stroke. Can this be corrected? READ MORE

Will Botox correct a short upper lip/gummy smile?

I have been getting mixed opinions on this and am ready to fix my short upper lip. Is getting Botox injected into my upper lip the way to go or should... READ MORE

My face (jaw especially) is asymmetrical. Would masseter Botox be able to correct this? (Photo)

One jaw muscle feels much stronger thank the other in recent years. Face becoming asymmetrical. READ MORE

Deep Undereye Lines After Botox

I had Botox around the eyes 10 days ago. But when I smile, I get accentuated deep lines under both eyes over the cheek bone that I've never had before... READ MORE

2 days post botox and I have a lump across my chin. Should I let it heal or do I need more botox?

I had Botox on Thursday evening and when I woke up yesterday I had a bump/ ledge across my chin when I move my mouth in certain positions. The bump... READ MORE

My frown lines are slightly worse after botox even though I am barely able to frown. What could be the problem?

I had botox 11 days ago and since that time I have noticed that my frown lines are slightly worse. I am barely able to frown, so I know that the botox... READ MORE

Botox for lazy eye?

I have an intermittent lazy eye (it drifts when i focus, but not all the time). My eye doctor told me botox could be used to fix the cosmetic aspect... READ MORE

How can I fix Botox injections in the masseter muscle that have gone wrong? (Photo)

5 days ago I got injections in the masseter muscle to slim down the face, and it kicked in today and it looks bad already, I can't smile, laugh,... READ MORE

How Can Experienced Botox Injector Get It Wrong? Are There That Many Injection Techniques for Same Area?

Had Botox 8 wks ago. Used it 7yrs with PS, always loved results. Decided to try new Dr offering new patients $9 Botox. After researching, He was... READ MORE

Can this be corrected? I have a weird wrinkle in each eyelid, angled toward the arch of my eyebrows. (Photo)

First time getting botox just a week ago and i now have a weird wrinkle right above the crease of each upper eyelid. The wrinkles angle up towards my... READ MORE

Can this Botox result be corrected? (Photo)

I had a total of 20 units of Botox injected between my eyebrows and above them in my forehead one week ago. My brows are now uneven and the lower brow... READ MORE

Will Botox or Restylane help to even out my crooked smile? (photo)

My smile is crooked (has been since I was young) and now that I am older, and getting into acting, I would like to have it corrected. I believe it may... READ MORE

Should I get additional Botox injections to correct the result from the ones I received last week? (photos)

I recently went and had botox done (11/19) I have one deep line in my forehead that is almost completely gone. I specified I wanted some movement in... READ MORE

I been getting Botox for a few year. I'm 43. I am starting to get vertical deep lines on my forehead. Is this normal? (photo)

My Plastic surgeon gave me the most units to try and correct this problem. But they are coming back. They are the worst in the morning and soften up a... READ MORE

Will a Botox brow touch up (1-2 units) dissolve quickly, or will my 'corrected' brows be frozen as they are for 4 months?

Recently had a botox 'touch up ' to correct an eyebrow that raised higher than the other after the main botox treatment - an injection above the... READ MORE

Complete asymmetry on left side of the face and wide nose. How can I correct this? Fix my face please! (Photo)

I don't know how it's happened but when I smile (and slightly less when not smiling) the entire left side of my face curves upward. My jaw juts that... READ MORE

Chin looks weird day after Botox? (Photo)

I had a pebble/cobble stone chin, the doctor Injected 6 units of Botox in my chin..the first day I couldn't tell any change but the second day when I... READ MORE

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