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Botox on Mouth Corners Left Stiffness and Mobility Issues

I've recently had botox in my chin (very pleased) 1 Wk ago I was recom. 2 unit in each DAO, I didn't have droopy corners but was told it would benefit... READ MORE

Can Botox lift the corners of the upper lip?

Can botox lift the corners of the upper lip READ MORE

Third Botox injection in the DOA muscle, still no results (Photo)

Botox treatment for downturned corner of mouth and light marionette lines. 3 different "modest" attempts, but I'm assuming by now over 3 units on the... READ MORE

Will the muscles around the corner of the mouth recover from Botox paralysis? (photos)

I had Botox injections to the masseters. One injection was between my chin and the corner of my mouth on the right side, unlike the injections on the... READ MORE

I got Botox injected in my lower eyelids near the corners of my eyes. I now have puffy wrinkly bags? (Photo)

I got botox injected in my lower eyelids near the corner of my eyes? I was told by another doctor that botox should never be put here but this doctor... READ MORE

The corner of my mouth is no longer raising when I smile. What went wrong with my Masseter Botox?

I had 15 units injected in both masseters on May 18th, 2014. The doctor injected 2 areas On the right side of my face when he went to inject the... READ MORE

Botox in temples?

Hi - if I get Botox injected in the temple region, will it help pull the outer corner of my eyes out and/or up? READ MORE

botox for outer corner browlift

I get botox for wrinkle prevention, but i took a break for almost a year, no wrinkles but my eyebrows in the outer corner seem lower. my botox... READ MORE

Sagging/bulge side of chin/ corners of mouth. Can Botox help with this weird sagging? (Photo)

Hi I am 28 years, I'm lucky in that I still have fullness in my checks and my skin is relatively good. However recently I started noticing slight... READ MORE

After 6 years of Botox, why has this time caused severe eyelid droop in right eye? (Photo)

I've had Botox for 6 years with no problems but this time my right eye began to droop after 2 days and by the 3rd day was almost closed!. I saw a... READ MORE

Weeks after botox I have swollen eyelids & skin at corners of my eyes is rough & itchy. What can I use to heal it?

I had botox on my forehead and now (weeks later) have droopy, swollen eyelids and the skin near the corners of my eyes (and under my eyes) is rough,... READ MORE

Should I get Botox while in the process of losing weight?

I am 29 yo and currently trying to shed 40-50lbs, I want to get Botox for a minor brow lift and to help with my drooping eye corners. Will losing... READ MORE

Hi: I got Botox couple of time on corner of my mouth to lift up a little , but each time I lost my normal smile.

I am 54, and like to have Botox on the corner of my mouth for a fresher look, but each time I did it , I lost the normal motion of my smile. I am in... READ MORE

Eyebrows/lids fell after Botox. Is this going to get worse? (photos)

I had 40 units of Botox in my forehead 2 weeks ago and my eyebrow/eyelids fell. My eyes are getting fatigued halfway through the day from holding them... READ MORE

How many syringes of filter should use around two lines of corner of lips?

How many syringes of filter should use around two lines of corner of lips. READ MORE

Are these the start of marionette lines? I am 25. Are these from aging or genetics? Botox for corners? (photos)

Not sure if my lips are always this downturned or if my face is beginning to sag. I have a very asymmetrical face as you could see. And I see the... READ MORE

Chipmunk Cheeks - botox or buccal lipectomy? (photos)

I would really appreciate your professional advice about my lower part of face. I'm not sure if my Chipmunk cheeks are from fat or the fact I have... READ MORE

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