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Injectables and Chemotherapy

Can Botox or Other Injectibles Be Given to People Who Have Had Chemotherapy Treatment? READ MORE

Botox Cosmetic Use with Long-term Illness or Medical Condition

Are there any illnesses or medical conditions that would make Botox Cosmetic unsafe to use? Is it safe to use Botox if you have a long-term illness... READ MORE

Will Using the Clarisonic Brush Cause Botox to Wear off More Quickly?

Using the clarisonic brush 2x daily on rental setting. Does this cause Botox injections to disappear more quickly than without use of the brush? READ MORE

Does Botox and Microcurrent Facials Cancel Each Other out for Wrinkle Reduction?

Looking at botox and micro current facials to lift sagging skin and reduce wrinkles, just want to make sure there is no negative interactions, would... READ MORE

Does the Diamond Medilift Work? If So What Happens if You Have Botox As They Do the Opposite of One Another?

Does the diamond medilift work at all? What happens if you also want botox. Do they cancel one another out? READ MORE

Botox Effects when Youre a User of Anabolic Steroids?

I have gotten Botox in the past, not while on a cycle of anabolic steroids. This time around I am on a cycle of Winstrol, Clenbuterol and Anavar. I... READ MORE

Minocycline for Adult Acne. Will This Interact Badly with Botox?

I'm 30 years old and take Minocycline to control my acne. Although I know its not GREAT to take antibiotics for a long time, I do know if I stop... READ MORE

Cataracts Surgery and Botox

I have a scheduled cataracts surgery in 2 weeks , but I alsohave a class reunion in 4 weeks and I want botox to smooth my lines before then . Can I... READ MORE

Is There Reaction with Botox and an Artificial Joint in my Hip?

Will Botox injections cause bacteria in my artificial joint? READ MORE

Is it safe to use Botox when you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C?

After being in the medical field years ago, I had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C about 14 years ago. I have recently had my second liver biopsy. My... READ MORE

Botox After Splenectomy

I Had a Splenectomy & Take Erythromycin, I Also Have Mild Psoriasis. Is Botox Safe for Me? READ MORE

I'm 47, have MS & on an oral immunosuppressant treatment (Gilenya). Are these contraindications to Botox and fillers? (photo)

I'm interested in fillers to treat my frown lines and possibly Botox to treat my assymetrical brows/ptosis. Does having MS and/or being on an... READ MORE

Botox and flaxseed oil?

I am taking flaxseed oil regularly because I have dry eyes, can I continue to take it after having Botox for frown lines? Is there a contraindication? READ MORE

Is Botox contraindicated for people with hx of autonomic dysfunction?

I was told by my physician that the muscles surrounding my glabellar lines are extremely strong. My first dose in this area was 110 units. I reveived... READ MORE

Is it safe to get facial Botox?

I'm 2 weeks post lipo and abdominoplasty, due my Botox next week, is there any contraindications I should be aware of? READ MORE

Are there any contraindications between Botox IV & oral antibiotics for chronic osteomyelitis of the mandible/jaw?

Chronic osteomyelitis in the rear left lower jaw bone due to radiation therapy 8 years ago. 2 surgeries in the last year to remove dead bone , most... READ MORE

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