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Botox in Cheek Muscles?

Hello, I have TMJ and my facial muscles, especially in the cheek area, are constantly contracting, making it increase in muscle size. This is very... READ MORE

Involuntary Brow Contraction?

33year old. First botox 7 weeks ago. 11 units in the typical v pattern in glabella region. 1 week ago muscle over my right brow began to involuntarily... READ MORE

My glabellar muscles are always contracted. Is there an alternative treatment to botox?

This past month I have noticed that my glabellar muscles are always contracted! This is causing me a lot of discomfort and giving me headaches! I cant... READ MORE

Botox failure, again! (photo)

I'm experiencing Botox failure in my 11's. After having 40+ units put into my 11's (I'm only 34 and have a very slight line), my Botox disappears... READ MORE

Should 15 Botox units in male frown lines have at least relaxed the muscles to some degree after two weeks?

15 days - no results. Lines are still there, I can still fully contract the muscles. Is this a common procedure: patient laying on back, doctor stands... READ MORE

I had Pectoralis Flap done 10 years ago that continuously contracts. Should I try botox injections rather than surgery?

I had a Pectoralis Flap done over 10 years ago following a SGW/Shot Gun Wound to face , neck and shoulder, The peck flap contracts every year... READ MORE

5 units of Botox in the left masseter and my face is completely asymmetrical: When I will get my face back?

Good day, I got 5units of Botox straight in the masseter 12 weeks ago only in my left masseter to make it more symmetrical, my face got thin and jowly... READ MORE

Follow up: Forehead muscle contractions happening each time I rub my forehead. I'm scared. (photo)

Had Botox for the first time one month ago. 26 units on forehead and "11" lines. Every single time I rub my forehead my eyebrow muscles contract... READ MORE

Facial muscle contraction in forehead? Is this Botox related or a "Charlie Horse" contraction in the forehead? (photo)

Botox for first time a month ago.(forehead and 11 lines ,26 units) 2 wk follow up 3 more units in top of forehead.16 days since I had the 3 units. I... READ MORE

Can Botox to MASSETER cause TMJ problems?

Hello, I had Botox to the MASSETER a few weeks back and since I've had problems with pressure in the jaw joints, ears ( feel blocked and ringing ) and... READ MORE

Progression ptosis from forehead muscle contraction?

I heard that if a ptosis left untreated, constant contract of forehead muscle will cause ptosis to worse. Is this correct? READ MORE

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