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Why Did I Get an Indentation on Forehead After Botox?

A few weeks after receiving botox injections in my forhead, I noticed an indent starting from my left eyebrow up towards the hairline. My doctor said... READ MORE

What Are the Questions We Should Ask Regarding Botox TXs?

Could you shed some light on the questions we should be asking to our Botox Providers whether they are MDs, nurses,spas before we get any additional... READ MORE

If I schedule a consultation am I able to get injections the same day?

I would like to get fuller for my face and Botox. I have some acne scars as well as fine lines. I have also lost volume in cheek area. During the... READ MORE

Customized Botox?

I'm on my third day of my second ever Botox treatment and I still hate the results. I have fake Hollywood face again. Does anyone have advice on... READ MORE

Botox for Bruxism. How many units?

I'm going in for a consultation on Wednesday for botox treatment to help reduce my jaw clenching. I have been using a bite splint at night which... READ MORE

Botox consultation: when a doctor suggests corrections you didn't ask for... (photo)

After I asked a questions on RealSelf about botox injections for the horizontal lines in my forehead, I researched qualified injectors in my area and... READ MORE

Can lip fillers and Botox for wrinkles be injected at the same time? (Photo)

Im going for a consultation to have botox injected in my laugh lines and forehead wrinkles... but I also want to get lip fillers done during the same... READ MORE

Do I really need 60 units of botox & 7 syringes of filler age 32? I want to fix sunken eyes, tear trough & bigger lip. (Photos)

Went in for botox and tear trough consult. Was told 60 units of botox "to start" Was told I needed 2 syringes of filler in my cheeks in order to do... READ MORE

Hello. Today is day 13 and absolutely no results with Botox(28 units) on my glabella. I am 29, first timer. (photo)

Hello. Today is day 13 and absolutely no results with Botox(28 units) on my glabella. I am 29(first timer). I have done research and pretty much the... READ MORE

Is 50 units too much for glabella? 35 y/o female. (photos)

I just had a consultation for botox. I just turned 35 y/o. 50 units was suggested, I have done a lot of research online and it seemed 25-30 was... READ MORE

Botox injections. 50 units for between brows? (Photo)

I had a consultation with a doctor for Botox injections. Between the brows. I think I mostly have a "1" not an "11". See photos. She recommends 50... READ MORE

I am wondering if Botox/Juvederm can help me raise my eyebrows to eliminate the sagging of my upper eyelids? (Photo)

I went to a consultation and the doctor told me that because my eyelid sagging is genetic, botox wouldn't be able to fix the problem and that I would... READ MORE

I once asked a doctor here in Lebanon, beirut about my gummy smile and he said it only can be fixed by a jaw surgery. (photo)

I prefer ro do botox for my chin and my my lips if that can solve the problem. I would be glad if i can know your consultation. READ MORE

What would you recommend for the circles under my eyes? (Photo)

Would Botox on my frown and crows feet help my under eye circles? I'm 38 and at a consultation was told only Botox for the above areas and nothing but... READ MORE

Lower face, chin and neck lift? Non-surgical options?

I'm 54 yrs old and was thinking about getting a lower facelift. Or is there anything that's not surgical that really works? On the neck and chin . I... READ MORE

Why do some doctors don't like doing botox in the masseter? My doctor said she doesnt like the results.

Hi there! I just went for a consultation with my dermatologist and I mentioned that I wanted to get botox in the masseter. I have a huge face and my... READ MORE

Botox for jawline slimming? (Photo)

I have a really square jawline and decide to have botox injection, and have consult several doctorsmall but they give me different dosage from 40 unit... READ MORE

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