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Does Botox on Crow's Feet Usually Cause Swelling Under the Eye?

I had botox injected in my crow's feet a week ago, I now have a chipmunk look when I smile, it is like two swollen bags under my eyes which looks... READ MORE

Can Botox Injections Cause Blurry Vision?

Can vision be affected from Botox going too deep or too much injected? It's been almost a week, had 20 units in each area, and since then it has been... READ MORE

Horribly Crooked Smile from Botox Nefertiti Lift

I have this relatively new procedure called Botox Nefertiti Lift performed 12 days ago by a cosmetic physician, and it has lead to a crooked smile. A... READ MORE

How is Botox Safe if There Are Warnings About Complications?

I was checking out Botox Prescribing information and the first thing I read is a warning that Botox Cosmetics may spread from the area of injection... READ MORE

Should There Be Wrinkles After Botox?

I had Botox injected into my crow's feet 5 days ago. It's certainly done the job on the deep lines I had around the corners of my eyes.... READ MORE

Botox to Fix Crooked Smile Goes Wrong

I had a very mildly crooked smile (right side rising higher than the other) which was not limited to my smile, but also when I talked. I was informed... READ MORE

Cannot Smile After Botox Injected into Cheeks

I have had Botox many times around the eyes, but he has always put Restylane in my cheeks. I am not sure why he decided to us Botox in my cheeks. He... READ MORE

How to Fix Severe Arching of Eyebrows After Botox?

Can I rectify the 'joker' type eyebrows following Botox? READ MORE

I've Heard Botox is Botulism So How Many Units Would It Take Before It Could Cause Me Harm?

I've Heard Botox is Botulism So How Many Units Would It Take Before It Could Cause Me Harm, Paralysis, or Could it Possibly Cause Death? READ MORE

Are there any complications due to Botox being injected into a vein that I should be concerned about?

I had botox for the first time today. The doctor injected a vein in my forehead twice. The vein is currently raised, painful and I have a headache.... READ MORE

Rare Botox-Juvederm Complication, or Unqualified Injectionist? (photo)

I had my very first experience with Juvederm and Botox. It did not go well. I ended up with Major Bruising under my eyes that lasted more than 2.5... READ MORE

How to Fix Botox Complications?

I had Botox about 3 days ago in Korea the doc did not gave me any aftercare instruction. Well I should had educated me self more because after about... READ MORE

Lasting Pseudoherniation of the Buccal Fat Pad/peri-oral Mound After Second Botox Treatment to Masseters

Hi! I had 42 units injected to each masseter last September. In may, I repeated the treatment. My face is unnaturally thin now, and since may, my left... READ MORE

Did my Energy Drink React with Botox Injections?

I had Botox yesterday afternoon above the brow line. This morning I drank a 6 hour energy shot. After drinking it I thought I was having a "niacin... READ MORE

Jaw Botox and Chin Implant

Is it true that before doing chin implant, patient should go for jaw botox first so that the chin implant can fit nicely on the face without appearing... READ MORE

Botox complication. My doctor said it will go away but I am so worried. (Photo)

Hello! I had 30 units of Botox 1 month ago for my forehead. This is not first time for me to do boot. But ..... I have got some bump between brow and... READ MORE

Immediate Displacement of Perlane from Goggles Used During IPL

A week ago I received Perlane, Botox, IPL. IPL was performed immediately following receiving the fillers.When the Doctor removed my goggles, he said... READ MORE

Will the Botox slow the healing process or cause complications to my wound? (Photo)

I hit my head and got a nice 1" long and 1/4" deep would. I should have got stiches, but my insurance isn't the best. I also have botox injection READ MORE

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