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Which Product Do I Use for Vertical Lines? Botox or Restylane?

I have two sort of deep vertical lines right between my eye brows. Which procedure would be better, botox or restylane. Or should one have both... READ MORE

Azzalure vs. Botox: which is better?

On Fox today there's an announcement that Botox has a new competitor in Britain called "Azzalure" sounds like it's Botox (botulinum). Do you... READ MORE

Should I Go See a Plastic Surgeon or a Dermatologist for my Botox Injection?

I decided to go for my first botox injection. I have decided to stay away from botox party or med spas. I am going to the best plastic surgeon or... READ MORE

Botox: Forehead or Glabellar?

I've been getting 28 total units for forehead lines and crow's feet (no glabellar). I don't have a big problem with the glabellar area,... READ MORE

Will Botox Get Rid of Neck Bands?

Hello, I have had "necklace bands" or those horizontal lines that go all the way around my neck since childhood. Now they have deepened and... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Botox A and B?

I've read about types used but am wondering what the difference is?does one come hydrated and the other in a powder form? Different hydrated shelf... READ MORE

Is Botox or Filler Better for Correcting Lip Asymmetry?

I have a genetic condition the has resulted in one side of my face growing shorter than the other. I've had jaw realignment, which has drastically... READ MORE

Is Botox or Juvederm a Better Solution to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags That Make Me Look Tired?

I just turned 30 and under my eyes I have little bags. Sometimes is not as bad as others. Some days it doesnt go away at all though. READ MORE

Which Method is the Best for Me? Botox Jawline Reduction? OR Jawline Liposuction?

I am a 25 years old female, 4 years ago I had fat grafting to my face to fill the area under my cheekbone, 2 years later some of the transferred fat... READ MORE

PurTox vs Botox: Will PurTox Be Better Than Botox?

I saw a news story that purtox is going to someday be available as an alternative to botox. Will it be better or the same as botox injections? I guess... READ MORE

Which Do You Think is Better to Combat the Dreaded Frown Line...botox or Juvederm?

I am going to have either or done next week for my frown line between my eyes. I can't stand it! I had a conservative amount of Botox done for... READ MORE

Is Micro Botox less lasting than regular botox ?

Since micro botox has been diluted and is injected in smaller amounts , how long will the results last compared to botox beeing injected for muscle... READ MORE

What is the difference between Botulax and Botox? Aside from the brand, are they pretty much the same thing?

Aside from the brand, are they pretty much the same thing? I have contacted 3 different clinics/plastic surgery offices and Botox seems to be twice as... READ MORE

Should Botox be reconstituted with preserved or non-preserved 0.9% NaCl?

I know with STS you can use the bacteriostatic 0.9% NaCl, but Botox (Allergan) states the non-preserved should be used for reconstitution. Thank you,... READ MORE

I am 36 and have fairly deep lines across my forehead: Should I have Botox or Filler? (Photo)

I have an expressive face when talking. I would like to reduce their appearance and have been told by a professional that I may not be happy with the... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Botox in New York City

I am looking for a doctor in NYC to get botox in masseter muscle. Should i go to a dermatologist? A plastic surgeon? Or an Oral surgeon? Any help... READ MORE

For Botox: Experienced Plastic Surgeon OR Oculoplastic Surgeon?

Should the plastic surgeon with over 20+ years of experience (and about 10 years experience of injecting botox), or an oculoplastic surgeon with... READ MORE

Is the Dilution of Botox Different for the Lower Face Than the Upper Face?

Is the Dilution of Botox Different for the Lower Face Than the Upper Face? READ MORE

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