Choosing A Surgeon + Botox

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Experienced Botox Injector - Even if Not a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon?

Do you think an MD (previously Family Practitioner) who had devoted their practice solely to medical aesthetics, and who administers Botox regularly,... READ MORE

How Do I Fins Doctors Best Qualified for Masseter Botox?

I'm really interested in Botox for masseter hypertrophy. As far as I know, I'm a candidate for this procedure (meeting with a doctor will... READ MORE

How to Choose Botox Doctor?

I have new wrinkles and want to find a Botox provider. What should I look for in a doctor? Is there a way to easily find how much money I will have to... READ MORE

Damage from Facial Paralysis- How to Find Best Botox Providers For This Issue?

I have a face damaged from a 15 year old bells palsy /ramsey's hunt could have been either. I have been all over to get opinions but resist any... READ MORE

Who Can Inject Botox in Texas?

I think nurse practioners and PA's can inject Botox in Texas, but what about RN's, or even trained office staff? READ MORE

I'm Considering Botox for a Non-cosmetic Reason; Treatment for Hemi Facial Spasms?

Should I Be Looking for a Neurologist or a plastic surgeon to administer the botox? READ MORE

Who is Legally Allowed to Administer Botox/Restylane in Canada?

Can anyone tell me if an estitician is legally allowed to obtain either of these? I have had Serious problems with my restalyne, and have learned that... READ MORE

How Do I Go About Choosing a Surgeon for Botox

I am nearly 25 and im so shocked at how much my skin seems to have aged lately. Im thinkin about fillers and botox but really frightened that if wont... READ MORE

Looking for an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon that does botox injections for TMJ syndrome in Long Island NY?

I am searching for a Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon that does botox injections for TMJ syndrome in Long Island NY. Appearently this will stop the jaw... READ MORE

Dr for Botox Eyebrows?

Hello I wanted to ask all you kind doctors which specified field plastic surgeon should i look for to lower my eyebrows with botox (The best field for... READ MORE

Are there areas for Botox/filler that require less expertise than others where I can save by using a less expensive doctor?

I have a great doctor in NYC, but her prices are at the very top of the range. Can I save by seeing her for the trickier areas and someone cheaper for... READ MORE

How can I find a Dr. to delegate orders and order Botox/Fillers?

A Botox and filler injection nurse, Will provide injections in salons. You would only have to be available by phone for emergency's. Enabling you to... READ MORE

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