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My smile has completely changed after Botox on forehead, frown lines, crows feet, & under eyes. Any suggestions? (photo)

My top lip doesnt lift enough. When smiling with lips together it looks normal but when smiling or laughing with lips apart my top lip isnt... READ MORE

Can Botox change my round face to a long face?

I hate my face its has no definition it's a round shape. I dream of getting a long face can Botox and fillers give me a different shape? READ MORE

Why has my smile changed after masseter botox?

I had masseter botox 2 months ago and have realized that my smile is not same as before and it looks very fake. Is this something normal I can expect... READ MORE

What happened to my eyes? (photos)

I stated getting botox and fillers (under my eye and cheek area) about a year ago. I'm going to post two the leopard shirt I look normal... READ MORE

I have a gummy smile. How long do I need to notice any change?

I have a gummy smile, yesterday I took the first Botox injections in my upper lips, after 12 hours I did not notice any change how long do I need to... READ MORE

Jawline softening - I want to try change my jawline. (photos)

I always had a sqaure face and recently i was ill and lost alot off weight which resulted in my face looking more oval which i loved Since i put a few... READ MORE

Loose neck skin at 20. Filler and botox? (photos)

I'll start by saying that all of the skin on my body has changed and become very loose and dull, but I understand only so much can be done so I'm... READ MORE

What can I do to restore better symmetry of my eyes? (photos)

My eye seems to be dropping down my face & that eyebrow also seems higher. My whole eye shape is changing, the eye socket seems to have hollowed... READ MORE

Is it possible to have long-term or permanent facial changes (like ptosis, drooping, asymmetry, etc.) from Botox or Dysport?

I'm considering Botox or Dysport. I know there's a slight risk of temporary side effects like ptosis & asymmetry. But is there any chance of any... READ MORE

Can Botox lead to loss of smell and taste?

I received Botox injections from a board-certified plastic surgeon and love the results I got. I plan to get more. However, I, like many other women... READ MORE

I think I have a problem with my facial nerves. Is there a cure?

My face used to be much fuller. I used to press the bags under my eyes and water will secrete from my eyes. When I got stressed my face would change... READ MORE

Eyelid position and Botox.

Can eyelid change position (lower position) with botox other than levator palpebrae weakness or brow ptosis? What are other reasons (muscle insertion,... READ MORE

Can i correct my changed eye after facial palsy?

I had facial palsy eye down and out problem. now i become ok but still there is lil bit problem with my left eye. its not becoming ok. its not moved... READ MORE

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