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A Drop of Botox Under Eye or Not?

I have never had any Botox before. I went for a consult in Scottsdale, AZ at a very reputable surgeons office. I was told that the bulge/wrinkle under... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Botox for jaw muscles? (photos)

Hello, I'm not sure how to explain this, but I feel like the lower part of my face is too wide. If you look at my picture, the cheekbones stick out... READ MORE

Botox masseter muscle bulge problem.

Had a botox masseter muscle reduction treatment yesterday and today I noticed that there's a bulge on the left side of the face when I bite down. I've... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Botox to masseter muscles, it has caused the formation of a bulge. Is this normal?

I got botox injected to my masseter muscles about two weeks ago, in efforts of creating a slimmer face. However now, when I bite down, there is a... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Botox to masseter muscles, it has caused the formation of a bulge. Is this normal? My doctor said it's unusual.

I got botox injected in masseter muscles about 2 wks ago to create a slimmer face. However now, when I bite down, there is a bulging muscle on each... READ MORE

Sagging/bulge side of chin/ corners of mouth. Can Botox help with this weird sagging? (Photo)

Hi I am 28 years, I'm lucky in that I still have fullness in my checks and my skin is relatively good. However recently I started noticing slight... READ MORE

Botox mistake? Help please (Photo)

Had botox 7 days ago forehead, crows feet, between eyes and bunny lines. Totally freaking out as I look totally bizarre. Wide around bridge with a... READ MORE

Too Much Botox? Sagging Eyelid.

I had Botox to rid myself of angry eyes. Now my right eyelid sags onto my eyelashes. My eyebrows appear even but clearly something is wrong. Also, my... READ MORE

1 day post op Botox on the chin, I noticed a bulge when I try to move my chin muscle. Is this normal? (photos)

Yesterday I had Botox on my chin and woke up today noticing a bulge when I try to move my chin muscles. What caused this and is there anything I can... READ MORE

Botox and Crows Feet?

I am really pleased with the Botox treatments I get. However, I look like Jack Nicholson's character, the Joker in Batman when I smile. I have just... READ MORE

Is my fat under eye bulge caused by Botox? (Photo)

I've recently noticed a large eye bulge under my right eye, which I think might have been caused by botox in the crows feet area. I did not notice it... READ MORE

I have been clenching for months and the masster muscle has got bigger and bulges out more. My face shape looks different(photo)

Should I get botox or just try to relax the jaw myself but I do not want to wait months for the muscle to go back to the way it was READ MORE

Chin botox went wrong?! Please help me! (photos)

2 days ago I had Chin Botox (plastic surgery clinic), and next day at the morning I noticed this bulges/bumbs.It's not hurting. I am desperate! Please... READ MORE

What is causing this master bulge when I clench my teeth? (Photo)

This is my very first time receiving BOTOX. I received 10 units of BOTOX (3 injections) on my RIGHT masseter muscle to reduce my enlarged jawline. (I... READ MORE

How many units of botox will I need to reduce the size of my temporalis muscles? They bulge out right along the side hairline.

My temple muscles bulge outwards in an unattractive way, how many units of botox will it take to reduce their size. I am just looking for a ballpark... READ MORE

Undereye puffiness 3 days after Botox -- related? (Photo)

I tried Botox for the first time four days ago to treat crow's feet. Three days later, I noticed that the bags under my eyes had become swollen. The... READ MORE

4 months post Botox and now have a bulge/loose fatty skin at corner of eye. (photo)

Can you advise what this is on corner of my eye/nose, I am 4months post botox & this was not present prior to Botox. 1st Botox ever & last.... READ MORE

Why is 11 year old Botox making the muscle stronger and causing a bulk muscle in my forehead? (Photos)

I have been getting dysport on and off for 10 years since I was 24 due to the horrible frown lines I would Wake up with... Over the past 3 year the... READ MORE

Will huge bags, wrinkles, creases and fat bulges under eyes caused by Botox to crows feet ever go away?

I had Botox injected to Crows Feet for the first time 20 weeks ago and developed Huge under eye wrinkles & bags and now have developed deep under... READ MORE

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