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What procedures can be done to fix my ugly face? (Photo)

I never really liked my face. The other day in a store, some clerk called me a "butterface" to her colleague, which I clearly overheard! I was... READ MORE

Pseudoherniation of the Buccal Fat Pad

Hi, I seem to be suffering from herniation of the buccal fat pad following an over-weakening of my left masseter muscle after I had 40 units of botox... READ MORE

Pseudoherniation of the Buccal Fat Pad from Botox Injection, is a Unilateral Buccal Lipectomy an Option?

I am suffering from a non-traumatic pseudoherniation of the Buccal fat pad in my left cheek. It was caused by an incorrectly placed botox injection to... READ MORE

Masseter Botox or buccal fat removal? (photos)

I am a tall thin mother of two children, and I will be turning thirty soon. I noticed sometime after 25 I started to dislike my face in photographs.... READ MORE

Zygomaticus hit with Botox - Help! (photos)

My zygomaticus muscles were injected with Botox instead of the masseter. 3 weeks post injections and my smile remains paralyzed and the masseter... READ MORE

What is cause of unilateral buccal fat pad atrophy ? Have you ever seen such case?

Pt . Is female 30 , it happend in 3_4 months , left buccal fat pad loss , no facial nerve damage , she had botax injection around eyes and forehead... READ MORE

Buccal fat pad removal 2 weeks ago. When can I have masseter Botox?

I just had a buccal fat pad removal last two weeks ago, when can i have botox (masseter)/ jaw reduction? how many units of botox per side of jaw? when... READ MORE

Chipmunk Cheeks - botox or buccal lipectomy? (photos)

I would really appreciate your professional advice about my lower part of face. I'm not sure if my Chipmunk cheeks are from fat or the fact I have... READ MORE

Nasolabial fold Botox, filler or buccal pad removal? (Photo)

I've always been bothered by the roundness of my cheeks, which when I smile makes a deep vertical fold from nose to mouth for a 'chipmunk' smile. My... READ MORE

What cosmetic treatment do I need? Jawline Botox or Buccal Pad Removal? (photo)

My photo is attached and I am very much sick of my huge face when my body is perfect and slim. I am planning to go for Jawline Botox but a doctor... READ MORE

What can I do to get a slimmer and less elongated face? Botox or Buccal fat pad removal? (Photo)

I hate my chubby cheeks. What can I do to get my cheeks/lower face slimmer and less elongated? Fillers? Masseter botox? Buccal fat pad removal? Any... READ MORE

Fillers for hollow cheeks?

So ive over-used the muscles surrounding my mouth for years, so i kind of have that baby face look with a heavy lower third. is it possible to get... READ MORE

Botox or Buccal Fat Removal?

I moved my mouth forward and tilted my head upward to make my face angles clear ,,, i am considering buccal fat removal but afraid that my face angles... READ MORE

Does mentalis strain affect the buccal area?

Does mentalis strain make the buccal area look larger or the corners of the mouth puffy? Will this normalize with Botox treatment? READ MORE

Will injecting botox on platysmal muscles only on jaw lines and not injecting on neck still help making my face slimmer?(photos)

I have removed buccal fat pads and had botox on dao muscles but i still got something thick under my skin on lower cheek area next to my masseter... READ MORE

Botox in buccinators for hollow cheeks? (Photo)

Is it possible to have botox injected in the buccinators to create a more hollow cheeks like male models have (combined with buccal fat removal).... READ MORE

How long should I wait to get Botox in the masseter?

One week ago I had buccal fat removal and chin liposuction READ MORE

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