Bruxism + Botox

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Botox + Bruxism = No Smile?

I am familiar with Botox and have been treated before for crows feet, frown & forehead. However, I decided to try it for Bruxism, I grind my teeh... READ MORE

Botox Results on Someone with Bruxism?

If I use Botox for a year then stop, but have habits like bruxism and eating hard things, shall I get any permanent result? I've read an article from... READ MORE

Botox for Bruxism - As a Side Effect Will This Also Slim the Face?

Hi there, I had 25 units of botox injected to the masseters (in each side - 50 units in total) - to help with bruxism. However, I've since learnt... READ MORE

Botox for Jaw Clenching/Bruxism on Young Patient with Small Jaw?

I am 29 y/o and am curious about Botox to treat the severe pain that I'm in at work and during the day. I have a small, feminine face, and am fearful... READ MORE

What is the Normal Dose of Botox for Bruxism?

I just got 20 units in each masseter and 10 units in each temporallis muscle. My first dose was 2.5 months ago, which was only 10 units in each... READ MORE

Permanent Stiff Neck After Botox for Teeth Clenching

After having botox in my jaw to stop me clenching my teeth at night my head feels very hard to lift up its now been 4 months since having it done and... READ MORE

Botox for Masseter Hypertrophy/Jawline Slimming/Bruxism?

I had 30 units of botox injected into each of my masseters. According to my research, this procedure is usually done in three injections. However, my... READ MORE

Will Botox for Jawline Lift Also Treat Bruxism?

Will Botox for Jawline Lift Also Treat Bruxism? READ MORE

Rare Botox Side Effects - Swollen Tender Bumps, Not Going Away? (photo)

I just had Botox injected for the first time over 48hrs ago. 56 units in total. 20 in each jaw line (I suffer from lifelong bruxism). 4 in each brow... READ MORE

What should I do about crooked smile after Botox to treat bruxism and TMJ?

To treat bruxism & TMJ I had 50 units injected on each side to the masseter muscle and jaw joint. Immediately after, right cheek of my face was... READ MORE

Botox in the masseter muscle

Hello. When I was a child I had bruxism for some years. Now, at age 20, I don't have it anymore but I still grind my teeth sometimes, feel lot of... READ MORE

Masseter botox for bruxism - how long until my muscles return to their former size?

I rec'vd 28 units of botox each side for my 1st treatment. 1.5 months later my masseter activity was starting to return, and I received 28 u on my... READ MORE

Botox for Bruxisim? Any Recommendation or Experinece in the Field?

Hello i have spontaneous strong bruxisim that have destroyed my large teeth , my dentist recomended i wear gotier protective to my teeth during my... READ MORE

Masseter reduction with Botox causes bone loss?

I have been getting 2xYear Botox injections in my masseters to stop night bruxism and daytime clenching, as well as to debulk the masseters which had... READ MORE

Can the effects of botox be permanent in some people?

I had botox for bruxism and jaw slimming in my masseter muscle (I can't remember exactly, but I believe it was 30 units per side) 20 months ago. My... READ MORE

When dealing with bruxism/TMJ, is Botox better from a dentist than a dermatologist?

I received Botox treatments (for cosmetic reasons) from my dermatologist several times and was very pleased with the results. My dentist has suggested... READ MORE

Botox for Bruxism. How many units?

I'm going in for a consultation on Wednesday for botox treatment to help reduce my jaw clenching. I have been using a bite splint at night which... READ MORE

Dental Botox for teeth grinding. Bruxism. WIll it change the look of my face at all?

I would love to have Botox to stop my teeth grinding . I have spent a fortune on my teeth over the years and I am extremely harsh on them. I even bite... READ MORE

Day 3 of Botox injected into masseter to prevent bruxism & now cannot smile properly one side. How long will this last? (Photo)

Hi there, I got botox injected into my masseter muscle to prevent my teeth grinding at night. This was three days ago and today I have noticed that I... READ MORE

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