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What is a Botox Lift or Botox Brow Lift?

I thought that Botox could make your face sag more, so how is a Botox Lift even possible? How does a Botox Brow lift work? READ MORE

Would a Botox Browlift Help with Droopy Eyelids?

I am 23 years old and I have a kind of droopy eyelids my plastic surgeon told me that eyelid surgery wouldn't make such a difference because a lot... READ MORE

Would Like to Understand Why Botox Brow Lift Went Wrong? (photo)

(Considering Trying Again in a Few Months with Different Injector) 5 weeks ago had Botox in frown area + small amount above lateral brows for a brow... READ MORE

20 units of Botox were injected into my forehead for horizontal lines. Will my brow drop improve? (photos)

48 hrs post injection I saw changes. My eyelids looked puffy. The inner corners of my eyes look different, hooded, heavy. Today has been 1 week. I'm... READ MORE

Can glabella botox lift medial/inner brows?

I raise my eyebrows a lot because it looks better and my brows/eyelids feel heavy otherwise. I recently had botox to lift the lateral brows, but the... READ MORE

My Right Eyebrow Raises Unintentionaly Specially when I Meet New People or when Im Nervous? (photo)

I noticed while in college that my right eyebrow raises unintentionally, specially around new people and sometimes randomly. I can control my left... READ MORE

Can Lopidine Help if I Don't Have Eyelid Ptosis?

After trying a Botox brow lift I find my brows have actually lowered. Now I am trapped in the angry/sad look. I understand that eye drops can assist... READ MORE

How soon after initial botox can Spock brow be fixed?

I had Botox on Tuesday, 3 days later I have the Spock eyebrow on left side. Do I have to wait to get tho fixed it can I get it fixed immediately? It... READ MORE

Can Botox be injected into the procerus only?

Can I get botox in the procerus only, and not the corrugator muscle? If so, what would be the result? Would it help to lift the medial brows? I'm... READ MORE

Botox for Brow Ptosis?

I'm thinking of getting botox for my brow ptosis as I'm starting to get horizontal lines in my forehead and almost daily headaches to the... READ MORE

Can botox in corrugator and procerus alone cause brow to drop?

I recently had botox for frown lines and forehead wrinkles for the first time. My brow has dropped so much that my eyes are hooded and no longer round... READ MORE

Medial Brow Droop and Overarched Brow from Botox, What Can I do?

I had my first Botox treatment 5 days ago in the frontalis (conservatively) and procerus, for horizontal forehead lines. When I raise my brows, the... READ MORE

What did Kendall Jenner likely do to her eyes to make them bigger? (Photo)

Is this kind of transformation possible with just botox? Or has she had a brow lift or blepharoplasty? READ MORE

Botox to Lift Brows - Should I Get It? Recommendations?

Should I get Botox to lift up my eyebrows? Do they look "mean", "Heavy", "tired" or "saggy"? Somebody said I... READ MORE

Doctor Rubbed Botox Area to Massage It In?

I recently got botox done for the second time. She injected my 11's and the muscle above my brow. It was much more painful then the first time and she... READ MORE

How much of a brow lift can botox alone achieve? (photo)

As you can see from the photo, my eyebrows sit very low on my face, making my forehead look a fivehead. What can I realistically expect from botox... READ MORE

On Day 6 Post Botox, the Area Under my Brow Bone is Puffy and Slightly Swollen? (photo)

On day 6 post botox the area under my brow bone is puffy & slightly swollen. Last Wednesday I had 32 units of botox in my forehead, between my... READ MORE

Is glabella typically treated during botox brow lift?

I received botox injections to lift the lateral brows, but I think part of the problem is the glabella. Is the glabella typically addressed in a... READ MORE

Help! Brow looks (and even feels) heavy and weighted down, eyes/eyebrows look heavy. Any way to look normal again?

Had botox for the first time about 4 weeks ago. Crows feet first (which I loved the results!!) then about 2 weeks after I had injections to smooth my... READ MORE

Brow Drop with Botox and Lid Lift with Fillers?

Male model (23) .My brow arches a little and is too high + slightly heavy Upper lids. To straighten my brow I would likely have to also raise it using... READ MORE

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