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What Are the Best Botox Alternatives?

Not so sure I want to try Botox.  Are there good alternatives that will help me get rid of wrinkles on my forehead the same way Botox does?  READ MORE

Will Botox Above my Upper Lip Stop It from Excessive Sweating?

I've had Botox in my underarms for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) also in my hair line. My next apt is to have my upper lip done as I constantly... READ MORE

Alternative for Someone Allergic to Botox?

I am terribly allergic to Botox and have deep furrows in my forehead. What can I do? I have tried Botox 5+ times each with a different doctor so I am... READ MORE

Will the patent for Botox ever expire?

Botox was first approved by the FDA in 1989 - a quarter of a century ago. Yet Allergan seems to have discovered a way to extend the patent... READ MORE

Botox and Hyaluronic Acid Alternative During Pregnancy?

What can I use instead of Botox and Hyaluronic acid during pregnancy? READ MORE

Is Myobloc a Good Alternative to Dysport or Botox if Your Immune?

I have had 3 botox and 4 dysport treatments over the years with different reputable doctors and neither have any effect anymore. Only the very first... READ MORE

PurTox vs Botox: Will PurTox Be Better Than Botox?

I saw a news story that purtox is going to someday be available as an alternative to botox. Will it be better or the same as botox injections? I guess... READ MORE

How Do I Know if Real Botox is Being Injected?

I was told by a friend to ask the person who is doing it to show me the bottle, but I don't know how it looks like. My friend got something else... READ MORE

What's the Newest Botox Alternative for Wrinkles?

Recently, I watched a news clip about a new injection for facial wrinkles. It is different than Botox. It doesn't paralyze, but instead fills the... READ MORE

Any Info on Frotox?

I have been using botox for the last ten years with no side effects, but I do not feel entirely comfortable that it is a toxin and would welcome an... READ MORE

Is there a Botox product that does not contain Human Albumin?

I have patiently been waiting to hear of a botox alternative that does not have Albumin. Is there anything out there? READ MORE

Is There an Alternative to Botox That Doesn't Cause a 3 Day Long Headache?

Even with the smallest amount injected between my brows, I always get a nasty 3-4 day long headache that won't go away with any type of pain killer.... READ MORE

Treatment of static frown lines after vascular compromise w filler? (photo)

I have deep static frown lines and have been treated w both botox (alone; didn't get rid of wrinkle at rest) and botox and filler. Recently had filler... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Consider Instead of Botox?

After providing pictures of my eye area in resting position and during animation many recommended botox, restylane, and/or dysport. After much... READ MORE

Alternative treatments to Botox while breastfeedng for line in between my eyebrows? (Photo)

I am breatfeeding my one year old and I really would like to get Botox but I know it is-contraindicated while breastfeeding along with most dermal... READ MORE

I Went in to Have Belotero and the Doctor Suggested Botox Instead?

I have my Son's wedding in 7 wks. For months I investigated doctors & fillers & felt that Beletero would be good for me. When I saw the Dr she... READ MORE

Is there a more natural or subtle alternative to Botox for around the eyes?

Botox seems to be too harsh for me, even when I only get as little as 3 units under each eye. My eyes end up looking almost lifeless and the sides of... READ MORE

Are There Any Botox Alternatives?

I am wondering if there is any thing that has a similar result to botox READ MORE

Any substitution for forehead lines that go across?

After reading the "not worth it" reviews...I am scared to death to get botox. Is there anything safe out there? READ MORE

Botox Alternatives for Around the Eyes? (photo)

I asked this question before but I feel that I may not be adding enough information. I think the two pictures I've added here tell enough. I'm scared... READ MORE

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