Blockage + Botox

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Tension in Head 5 Days Post Botox?

Had Botox 5 Days Ago for Crows Feet but the Tension in my Head and Temple is Terrible Feels Like my Sinuses is Blocked is This Normal? READ MORE

What happens after Botox is injected?

I know it blocks the nerve impulses, but what happens to the physical bacteria. Does it disappear, does it get removed by our body's defense system,... READ MORE

Flu like symptoms and ears syringed after botox - why?

I've had botox 3times in the past year and following each injection, my ears would block up less than a week later. I have had them syringed 3times in... READ MORE

I wanted to understand why the sprouts retract, if the original nerve ending is permanently blocked from Botox?

I wanted to understand why the sprouts retract, if the original nerve ending is permanently blocked? I mean, how does it start working again if the... READ MORE

Had botox administered and having a lot of pressure on left side of face. Is this normal?

Hi, I had botox first time two days ago. I feel a lot of pressure in my left side of my face. Even my left nasal passage is partially blocked. Also,... READ MORE

I have blocked left nostril , bump under skin, red mark between eyebrows after Botox. Any suggestions?

I had botox between my eyebrows and the site is red with a bump under the skin. The night of the injection my left nostril was blocked. It later... READ MORE

I was wondering if the Botox will block the ability to view the upper peripheral vessels by an ultrasound machine?

I am in my program right now and our class will be practicing upper extremities coming up(i.e. axillary artery). My teacher suggested to wait until we... READ MORE

Follow-up: Thank you for answering my question regarding sore eyes and botox, do you think this is permanent damage?

Seen Ophthalmologist didn't say about botox. do u think it's important I tell them that?. Do you think there is any possibility of my meimobian glands... READ MORE

I stupidly got a small bit of Botox under my eyes. It was obviously to close to my eyes

It must have travelled up to my glands But u was told when botox wears off things would soon go back to normal . It's now been 4-5 months and I've... READ MORE

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