Blepharospasm + Botox

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Can Botox Cause Problems Such As Blurred Vision, Double Vision, and Night Vision?

I have had Botox for blepharospasm and am seeing some side effects and wondering how long does it last and will a rx eye drop help. The opthalmic MD... READ MORE

Can Botox Help Eye Twitches and Would Insurance Cover It?

My right eye twitches and closes hard sometimes during the day. When I sleep the muscles are always tense. I rub it during the day to make it stop.... READ MORE

Stroke After Botox? Possible Side Effect?

I personally know two people who received Botox treatments. One treatment was to stop ocular spasms and the other was for appearance purposes around... READ MORE

How Long Does Botox Last in the Obicularis Muscle?

How long does Botox last in the obicularis muscle (undereyes)? I had mine Botoxed seven months ago and it's still there. READ MORE

Side Effects of Botox for Blepharospasm

How long before my eyelid stops drooping and the double vision goes away following a Botox injection for blepharospasm? READ MORE

Question About Botox for Illness?

I have Blepharospasm and have to have injections of botox every 3 months to be able to open my eyes. Yesterday was the first time in 13 years that the... READ MORE

Botox is Not Helping my Blepharospasm?

I have been diagnosed with Blepharospasm Dystonia. I had botox injections in September which we not helpfull, the spasms continued and my toplip was... READ MORE

Can Botox Injections for Blepharospasms Affect Aesthetics?

I received Botox today for the first time to treat Blepharospasms, and I am wondering if I can expect any changes to my appearance. The Dr. only... READ MORE

Puffiness from Botox for Blepharospasm

I don't have Botox Cosmetic but rather Botox for Blepharospasm so my Neurologist has to inject under the eye. The swelling I have experienced... READ MORE

Does Botox Affect Allergies?

I am currently allergic to NSAIDs along with certain fruits (bananas, apples, watermelon) as well as pollenns and such. I currently get monthly... READ MORE

Drooping eyelids from Botox treating blepharospasm. Is it permanent? (Photo)

I received Botox six days ago to treat blepharospasm in both of my eyes. My neurologist injected the Botox on the center of my eyelid, the side of the... READ MORE

Botox for Blephorspasms: Can Redness Reliever Eyedrops Help Counter Closing Eyelids?

My mother has been getting botox injections for blephorspasms. She's been getting these shots for nearly 20 yrs. A new doctor gave her thes last... READ MORE

I've been having Botox for more than 12 years. I'm having trouble w/ my dry eyes & light sensitive. Did I have too much Botox?

Been having botox for more than 12 years. i'm having trouble with my eyes being so dry and light sensitive that sometimes i can't open them.... READ MORE

IIs There a Better Alternative Than Botox for Blephospasms?

I have some side effects like aches,pains itchiness and headaches each time.i have them every two/three months. READ MORE

I have blephraspasm. I get injections every 4 months. I am now dealing with a bad case of droopy eyelid on my left eye?

I have no photo but it's affecting my vision and everyone notices it. It is very obvious. ThanksI haveblephraspasm. I get injections every 4 months. I... READ MORE

Can botox treat blepharospasm?

Is Botox the only way to treat this condition I've been fighting for three years. I have a lot of other health problems as well. Two days after the... READ MORE

I got blepharospasm in both eyes. What can you suggest?

I had Botox injections done 17 days ago to help my blepharospasm in both eyes , but had no noticeable effect on any eye , what advise can you suggest READ MORE

Is double vision normal after Botox for blepharospasms and how long does it last?

I had botox injections in my right eyelid. 6 days later this eye lid is almost completely closed and I have double and and blurred vision. Injector... READ MORE

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