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Is It Possible to Clench Your Teeth in an Effort to Make Jaw Muscles Bigger and Achieve This?

I'm just curious, I've been clenching my jaw (not very hard, just keeping it tight) since the beginning of the year and my jaw muscles seem to have... READ MORE

Can Botox give the illusion of "bigger" eyes?

I am considering botox around the eyes to give a more open look to my eyes. I know botox can't physically make them bigger but can it make them look... READ MORE

Face Seems Bigger and Distorted After Botox for Square Jaw Reduction?

Hi i had 40 units of botox for square jaw reduction 2 months back. For the first month, right side of my face swelled up and muscles were really tight... READ MORE

One of my masseter muscles are bigger than the other?

One of my masseter muscles is larger than the other, is there any way of increasing the size of the smaller muscle? I believe the asymmetry is due to... READ MORE

How Do I Get a Bigger Masseter Muscle?

Will weight training help? I'm also getting a chin implant soon, will that help? READ MORE

I got Botox injected into my masseter muscles about 5 days ago and I believe it has made my masseter muscles even bigger.

The doctor did one injection on each side and I am unsure of the amount. However, now, when I clench my teeth, the masseter muscles protrude out even... READ MORE

Do I really need 60 units of botox & 7 syringes of filler age 32? I want to fix sunken eyes, tear trough & bigger lip. (Photos)

Went in for botox and tear trough consult. Was told 60 units of botox "to start" Was told I needed 2 syringes of filler in my cheeks in order to do... READ MORE

I have been clenching for months and the masster muscle has got bigger and bulges out more. My face shape looks different(photo)

Should I get botox or just try to relax the jaw myself but I do not want to wait months for the muscle to go back to the way it was READ MORE

Do I have a crooked face or just imbalance cheek? 20 units Botox on the right cheek. (photos)

My right cheek is so much bigger/wider than the left. I had done Botox on right cheek for reduction, after 18days still no sign of improvement Its my... READ MORE

What makes the masseter getting bigger again after Botox injection?

Hi i want to ask. what makes the masseter grow bigger again after 6 months? is it my jaw masseter will grow bigger again because the botox is... READ MORE

Botox in my lips. Any suggestions? (photos)

So I want my lips to be a little bigger. I don't want much at all just a little to make it look fuller. I have pretty nice lips I just want them a... READ MORE

What's happening to my eyes? Scary! (Photo)

So I'm not sure if I have an eye condition or if my weird looking eyes are caused from filler or Botox? Weird blank look.. Eyeballs look bigger...... READ MORE

Do I have a large masseter? Can botox help me? Off-label kybella messed up my face (Photos)

I didn't noticed a great difference at first, but now, after one year from the last injection my face has became bigger (cheeks/masseter?) i also had... READ MORE

One of my masseter is larger than the other. After Botox, how long does it take for the muscle to get smaller?

I've got Botox done twice since June. The swelling has went down but it's still bigger. Will my face ever be somewhat normal again? Do I just need to... READ MORE

Is there an exercise or anything I can do to help speed up the process of Botox wearing off more quickly?

Good morning my doctor has injected Botox under my nose without asking me and it got shorter and bigger ??? and my wedding is next month p,s my nose... READ MORE

How is everyone all of a sudden getting bigger/deeper-set eyes? (Photos)

I know it's not surgery. I'm thinking its some sort of injectable. I've heard of placing fuller behind the eyebrow and also a slight Botox eyelift.... READ MORE

I want to get Botox to fix my asymmetrical face would that be a good thing to consider? (photos)

I am so insecure about my cheeks they apear bigger than the other and I think that's what making my lips appear slanted as well. Everyone tells me... READ MORE

Extremely swollen around injected area 3 weeks after Botox. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a Botox treatment on my frown area, 18 units. It seems fine and start to work quite slowly around 2 weeks after. And then nightmare came, the... READ MORE

What are those? Is that the masseteur? Botox teeth grinding. (photo)

Hello everyone, I would like to have my face slimmed down, recently in the last few months my face grew wider, even if my weight it's the same. I had... READ MORE

Can Botox slim my temples, to make cheek bone look bigger? (Photos)

I want to have less of an egg shaped face. I feel like my temples are very wide. I want my cheekbones to look fuller and stick out more. I know you... READ MORE

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