Bells Palsy + Botox

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Botox Risky if You Have Bell's Palsy History?

Have a slightly drooping lid and smile/bell's palsy incomplete smile & sliglhtly smaller eye, droopy lid- both residual from bell's palsy. b/c i... READ MORE

Can Botox Make Autoimmune Disease Worsen?

I have been receiving botox injections in my eye area due to an eye problem as a result of bells palsy which occured over 26 years ago. It is more... READ MORE

Will Botox Help Nerve Damage from Bell's Palsy After 9 Years?

I have some nerve damage from Bell's Palsy. My left eye is squinty, nerve twitching by my nose, and my cheek is tight.It sounds like Botox may help.I... READ MORE

Jaw Pain and Difficulty with Opening the Mouth Post-Botox

I had Botox for the first time, and got a bit too much on the mouth area. My jaw is sore, and I really try not to talk very much. Eating is okay, as... READ MORE

Mouth Drooping After Botox for Bell's Palsy

I've had Bell's Palsy since childhood. I'm 47 now, and I had Botox injected in my forehead, the sides of my eyes, and in my chin for the dimple caused... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Bells Palsy Symptoms?

I had Botox injections between my eyes and in my forehead, two days later i woke up with my right side of my face and neck swollen. My primary care... READ MORE

Is Botox Safe To Use In My Face If I've Had Bells Palsy?

I am 33 year old and I had a bell’s palsy around 15 years ago and still I have left with a few residual drooping in my left eye and eyebrow. I... READ MORE

Botox for Bell's Palsy Twitching?

I have Bell's Palsy. It has been over a year now, and although my face looks fairly normal, I now have a twitching in my eye, especially when I eat... READ MORE

Interested in Botox to help with synkinesis in result of onset of Bell's Palsy. Are you familiar with this treatment? (Photo)

I had bell's pasly 2 years ago And developed synkinesis my left eye partially closes when I smile and left side mouth does not retract fully. I've... READ MORE

Botox for Bell's Palsy?

I had Bell's Palsy 3 years ago and the symptoms are still there in my mouth and eye (more in my mouth). Can Botox help? If not, any suggestions? READ MORE

Is Botox Safe To Use for Treatment of Frown Line If I've Had Bells Palsy?

I am 32 year old and I had a bell’s palsy around 15 years ago and still I have left with a few residual drooping in my left eye and eyebrow... READ MORE

Doctor Injected Botox in Zygomaticus Major/minor?

I had one session of botox for bells palsy around my eye and forehead area. The second time the neurologist said that she has a little left and can... READ MORE

I Got Bells Palsy over 5 Years Ago, While Pregnant with my Son. My Face is Still Paralyzed on That. Options?

Side of my face. I still get pain and numbness on that side of my face at times. also very bad headaches. Is there anything I can do to get my face... READ MORE

How Long Should It Take for 2 Units of Botox Injected into my Forehead to Fade?

I've been receiving Botox injections over the past 2 years for synkinesis due to a case of Bell's Palsy in 2000. The injections have always... READ MORE

Side of my face looks like I had a stroke - Botox or bell's palsy?

I had a botox and lip filler nearly 4 weeks ago, my left had side of my face has started to look like a stroke, the doctor tinks its bells porsey, BUT... READ MORE

Swollen Lip After Botox for Bells Palsy

I developed Bells Palsy at 17. At 38, my neurologist recommended Botox for the hemifacial spasms. I had my first injections in November, but it didn't... READ MORE

Does Botox Help Bells Palsy Condition?

Hi, My husband woke this week to facial paralysis. Each day the effects are more prominent. He is obviously very conscious of the way he looks and... READ MORE

Will Getting Botox Put Me At Risk Of My Eyelid Not Closing Or Effect my Blinking?

My Eye Spasms/closes when I Move my Mouth Due to Nerves That Grew Back in the Wrong Direction when I Recovered from Bell's Palsy. Am I at risk for... READ MORE

Botox Injection into Upper Eye Lid Muscle. How Long Does It Take For It To Be Effective?

I have bells palasy and unable to shut my eye, i have had a botox injection in my upper eye lid to enable the lid to drop and close, this was over 24... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for bells palsy? (photos)

I am scared because I never thought that I could have bells palsy and I don't know if my face will be exactly the same soon. I don't know if the... READ MORE

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