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How Bad Does It Have to Get Before a Doctor Loses Their License?

In recent news, a Los Angeles plastic surgeon lost his license over the death of celebrity Kanye West's mother and a Sacramento dermatologist merely... READ MORE

When Will Botox Get out of my Body? Muscle Symptoms/Weakness of It Leaving?

I had a horrible reaction to Botox when I was injected for the first time over 6 months ago (you can read my original post about it under my profile).... READ MORE

Bad Botox?

Is there such a thing as a bad,non affective dose of Botox. Its been 10 days and I see no difference in my forehead and crows feet.. READ MORE

Nervous About my Botox. 5u Each Side for Marionette Lines. What's the Worst That Can Happen?

Hi there, i recently had botox for my marionette lines, well i didnt really have any lines but my muscles were well worked and had very prominent... READ MORE

What happened to my chin? Botox gone bad! (photos)

I recently had Botox in my chin and platysma bands and now I have the strangest shaped chin! It was very average before, the doctor said it would help... READ MORE

Can you become immune to Botox?

I am 20 years old and have been having Botox since I was 18 as I had really bad frown lines that bothered me. As I have been having it done from a... READ MORE

Very bad mood from Botox - please help me, anything to rid of it quickly.

Hi sir , im 43 years old and i have done botox on forehead , around the eyes, and the "11 lines" between the eyebrows for 4 weeks ago . i faced many... READ MORE

Help! Bad botox? Weird eyebrows? Should I go back to the plastic surgeon for a touch up? (photos)

Hello. I had botox done for the first time 5 days ago and my face/eyebrows look crazy. I am only 33 and just wanted to treat myself. I just wanted to... READ MORE

Can botox spread to your vital organs? Is 45 units a lot for your first time? (photos)

I've had a consultation and booked my appointment for next week. It's my first time having botox and it's been recommended I have 45 units for the... READ MORE

Bad reaction to Botox injections in neck for whiplash severe pain.

Are there any neurologists or other specialists who have given Botox for neck pain and patient had horrible reaction: pain in neck, spread down arms... READ MORE

Botox bad reaction after over 20 yrs of getting it.

I'm starting to get really bad reaction to Botox, dysport, and Xeomin. Few days after treatment I feel really lousy. Lethargic and just overall bad.... READ MORE

7 Months later there is still paralysis after botox injection. Nerve damage?

I have been getting botox for 8 years. I have never had any bad results until last November. I have been getting injections around the mouth for 4... READ MORE

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