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After getting Botox on my forehead, I developed a hive -like rash on my chest and back. Is this normal?

I have sensitive skin and am allergic to some perfumes and dyes but this is the first time that this has happened with Botox. I can't think of... READ MORE

Botox for Back Pain?

I have chronic pain in lower back hip and buttocks as a result of an accident and two major corrective hip and back surgeries. It has left me with... READ MORE

Is There Any Chance of Getting Botox Injections for Muscle Spasms in my Middle/upper Back?

These very painful muscle spasms have been occurring for 20 years, not continuously but they start up at inopportune times and last for days. No... READ MORE

Is it possible that after getting the Botox shots, it could cause shingles?

A year ago I went in to have Botox shots due to migraines, three days later I had shingles on my back and waist. Four months later I went back in and... READ MORE

Can muscle pain and weakness be related to Botox injections?

Received Botox several weeks ago in my neck and back of head for cervical dystonia. iOS am experiencing muscle weakness and pain in the top potion of... READ MORE

Botox: Am I having an allergic reaction?

After my botox topup i had insomnia that night then woke up in the morning feeling like i had flu shivering and shaking and my back and neck felt reay... READ MORE

Scalp and neck hyperhidrosis. How many units of botox is needed for those areas to stop the sweating?

Healthy 27 years old female but suffering from hyperhidrosis in my scalp and neck even at cool or cold places. Its not related to stress or emotions... READ MORE

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