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Does Botox to the Chin Area to Get Rid of Pebbles Eventually Atrophy the Mentalis Muscle?

If one gets Botox into the chin area to smooth out a pebbly chin, does the mentalis muscle eventually atrophy ?. Over what period of time would this... READ MORE

Temporal wasting after first time Botox injection for crows-feet, appears permanent, now what? (photos)

Had Botox injections by an MD last September, developed severe temporal muscle atrophy not resolved in 7 mo. Doctor's office denied Botox was the... READ MORE

Interested in Botox to help with synkinesis in result of onset of Bell's Palsy. Are you familiar with this treatment? (Photo)

I had bell's pasly 2 years ago And developed synkinesis my left eye partially closes when I smile and left side mouth does not retract fully. I've... READ MORE

Could Regular Botox Injections to the Jaw Permanently Affect My Smile?

I have had Dysport injected into my jaw on 2 occasions and both times I experienced diffusion/spread into my mouth muscles, reesulting in an inability... READ MORE

Will repeatedly injected Botox cause atrophy?

We know that the main goal of Botox is to have the muscles get weaker &weaker& thus less wrinkles. So on the long run, this render muscle become... READ MORE

Because 'If You Don't Use It You Lose It' is That True for Botox? You Paralyse Muscles...

Because you paralyze muscles, doesn't it stand to reason that the muscles are going to atrophy because they are not being used? Just asking.. READ MORE

Can Botox Eventually Cause Muscles to Atrophy Enough that Botox is no Longer Necessary?

Botox works by paralyzing the muscle (e.g. the glabellar muscles). Eventually the muscle starts working again, necessitating repeated injections. I've... READ MORE

Possible Atrophy or Nerve Damage Caused by Botox?

I am only 39 yo and had 2 botox injections (2nd was a fix bc my eyelids became so puffy)! almost 9 mths ago for very mild forehead wrinkles and crows... READ MORE

Will multiple large doses of botox within 6 months cause permanent atrophy of masseter muscles?

In March, I received my first dose of botox in my masseter muscles for teeth grinding. 2 wks later I received more botox each side. At the end of... READ MORE

Botox causes muscle atrophy over long term use, is this true?

I've read that getting Botox long term causes the muscles to atrophy thus having the reverse intended effect making the patient appear older. Is this... READ MORE

What is cause of unilateral buccal fat pad atrophy ? Have you ever seen such case?

Pt . Is female 30 , it happend in 3_4 months , left buccal fat pad loss , no facial nerve damage , she had botax injection around eyes and forehead... READ MORE

How much Botox for temporal region? (Photo)

I have strong temporal bulging caused by muscle hypertrophy (clenching), so that the area from just behind the eyes over the zygomatic bone to the... READ MORE

Loss fat under eyes by Botox and Machine. Will fat under eyes reproduce by my age? Is fat atrophy? How can I fix it? (photos)

I'm 28 yrs old suffer from wrong botox injection for 4 mths. Doctor injected for me in wrong area under eyes -corner of under eyes near the nose next... READ MORE

5 weeks post masseter Botox, is this normal?

I got 100 units of Botox (50 each side) injected into my masseter muscles 5 weeks ago. My masseters have definitely gotten softer (when I clench my... READ MORE

How can I fix under eye atrophy & tear trough deformity? This was caused by Botox I had 3 years ago. (photos)

3 years ago I made the biggest mistake of my life: Botox. I went to bed a pretty, healthy, 28 year old & woke up deformed. I went to U of M. I have... READ MORE

Botox and Facial toners. Can they complement each other to prevent muscle atrophy?

I recently had botox in my forehead & above the eyebrows. I use facial toners for saggy skin around the eye & jowls etc. It could be psychological but... READ MORE

Botox on nasolabials, 1 year later that area became flat and deep and it went until my cheeks and almost atrophied (Photo)

Few months later the same thing happened with the other side which was injected with less botox but is hurting me ( i feel like a burning sensation... READ MORE

Muscle atrophy from botox? (photo)

Ive been getting botox for the past year and a half as well as filler. I get botox for crows feet and for my under eyes. I have vertical indents on... READ MORE

Botox and permanent atrophy??? Got botox for second time and noticed brows seem lower. Worried by what I've read.

I had botox inbetween the eyebrow area for the first 5 months ago, and then a 2nd time just a couple weeks ago. I noticed my eyebrows seem a little... READ MORE

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