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Botox for "Asian Jaw"

The Dr. suggested I need to correct my "asian jaw" line with botox ( I did not go in for this proceedure). he injected 20 units into ea side... READ MORE

Botox to Lift Brows - Should I Get It? Recommendations?

Should I get Botox to lift up my eyebrows? Do they look "mean", "Heavy", "tired" or "saggy"? Somebody said I... READ MORE

Botox for Jawline Reduction?

I'm an Asian female who has round face. I've had botox injection 4 or 5 times already and had good results. I'd like to know how much it will be per unit. READ MORE

How to Prevent Wrinkles for As Long As Possible?

Hello, I am a 49-year-old Asian female. Currently I don't have any wrinkles or crows feet. I do have the nasolabial creases. Is there anything I can... READ MORE

Botox to prevent future wrinkles? (photos)

Does it? does it promote production of elastin/collagen or does it ONLY treat wrinkles that are already there? mid 20s asian, i have one fine line... READ MORE

28 year old Asian guy looking to get advice on improving my looks. (Photo)

I want to look less chubby as i find my face unsymmetrical and maybe slim down my cheeks and jaw, however i have an asian jawline. Do you think botox... READ MORE

Is it possible to make Caucasian, European eyes look more Asian with Botox?

I have classic european eyes, with big lids (i really don't like them), and I'm wondering if is it possible to change my eyes to more asian, maybe... READ MORE

I'm a Chinese 32 Years Old Male, 1 Month PO, If I Get More Will Face Look Slimmer?

First time I had my Botox.  According to doc, the dilution is 1bottle 100units = 4cc. Which mean 1cc = 25units. Is this dilution normal? I had... READ MORE

Need to get the right information about Botox for square jaw reduction.

I am Asian, 5'3" tall, 112 lbs. I feel my face seems square (in different angles), so I am thinking to have a jaw reduction. I live in MN, and I am... READ MORE

How much it cost for a jaw reduction using Botox? (Photo)

I am Asian, female, 25 yrs old. I have a square jaw due to bruxism (grinding/chewing at sleep unconsciously) since I was a child. And I want to have a... READ MORE

My doctor injected too much Botox and left a huge bump between my brows. I have huge pouches on the upper lids and I look Asian

What should I do to get rid of the pouches in my upper lids? They are very large at the inner corners and I look Asian. I can't open my eyes well. My... READ MORE

How great is the incidence of botulism post-Botox? Also, I'm Asian & am concerned about heightened sensitivity to drugs, etc.

...does a sensitivity to meds in general predispose a person to sensitivity to Botox? I For example, I cannot tolerate narcotic pain meds at all. In... READ MORE

Is Botox a good idea for strained forehead muscles and eyebrow lift? (Photos)

First, I would like to get a little bit of botox to slim my jaw slightly. My left side is wider than the right and I suffer from occasional TMJ.... READ MORE

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