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Can I Have Botox on my Arms?

I'm not referring to the under arm, but the crevice of my arms which is really wrinkly ... Is it possible, woould it be dangerous given the veins here? READ MORE

Burning / Tingling in Arms, Legs and Face After Botox

40 Units Botox in Forehead 10 Weeks Ago. 2 days after treatment experinced headaches, extreme fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite & sharp pains... READ MORE

I had a stroke. How much will Botox cost for the arm and leg?

I had a stroke need to know how much Botox cost for an arm and leg. Can I do payments?  READ MORE

How Much for an Injection in Arm? I've Heard a Shot In the Arm Can Help a Quad's Hand Move?

Understand that botox shot into the arm made a quad's hand moveable enough to use it. How much for an injection in my quad son's elbow to help... READ MORE

I had Boxtox injected 6 days ago and now I have a rash on my legs and arms. Could it be related to the Botox?

Hi I had botox 6 weeks ago now and noticed 2 days ago I have a rash.  I have a few red blotchy bits on my legs and arms.  I also have a... READ MORE

Can Botox be used for arm boils?

Can this botox procedure be done for the boils? My primary doc said my sweat glands need to b removed. The boils has caused disfiguring under my arm... READ MORE

Botox for jaw line and arm. When I stop the Botox treatment, will it be worse than before?

I am thinking get a Botox for jaw line. when I stop the Botox treatment, it will be worse than before? READ MORE

Looking for ways to reduce arm and shoulder muscles by surgery or botox. I don't exercise and have no excess fat tissue.

I am a young slim female, with disproportionately big and heavy arm and shoulder muscles. I DON'T EXERCISE AND NEVER DID. The visual effect is... READ MORE

Is Botox the best course of action for a 10 year old boy who had a stroke 2 years ago, for the right arm and leg?

My son had a massive stroke when he was 8 years old that left him partially paralyzed on the right side of his body. He is now 10 years old and we... READ MORE

Scalp and neck hyperhidrosis. How many units of botox is needed for those areas to stop the sweating?

Healthy 27 years old female but suffering from hyperhidrosis in my scalp and neck even at cool or cold places. Its not related to stress or emotions... READ MORE

Botox (allergan brand) for the reduction of arm muscles to make my arms look more feminine. Will this help? (photo)

I have had muscular arms all my adult life and teenage years and I do not work out, therefore doing nothing will not help. They are quite muscular at... READ MORE

Can Botox injections help minimize my arm lift scars during healing?

I read that wounds in animated areas, can heal better if botulinum toxin is injected. Can BOTOX injections help minimize my arm lift scars during... READ MORE

I have a chronic spasmic L shoulder, mainly lavator scap area. Will Botox effect or limit the normal daily usage of my L arm?

I have shoulder pain, & pinch in my neck when I turn head to L since a bicycle fall 5 yrs ago (pinch is relieved when I physically drop my L shoulder)... READ MORE

Botox to reduce arm muscle in a woman?

Hello Due to period of heavy workout i have a large puffed arm muscle which i dislike. Since botox is used to release muscles in the face i have... READ MORE

How much for 50 units on each arm?

How much application100 units of botox for both arms ( arms sweating ) READ MORE

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