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Is There Possible for Any Side Effects from Botox Injections (In the Armpits) Which Have Been Applied 1 Year Ago?

It's been more than 1 year since I've been administrated 12 botox injections in the armpits 6 to each. I recenly started to have severe... READ MORE

How Much Botox is Safe to Use in One Appointment?

I have finally saved up enough money for treatment of my hyperhidosis. I will be getting treatment for my underarms. I am also considering getting my... READ MORE

Can A person Get Botox To their Underarms If Also Having Laser Hair Removal Done?

The person hasn't started laser hair removal on my underarms YET, but am wondering if these two treatments can be done at the same time or if the... READ MORE

Botox Injection Under my Armpits.. BUT Now Am Sweating?

I had botox injection under my armpits about two months ago and tried to avoid waxing their as much as possible .. 3 days ago I've noticed sweat... READ MORE

Can Botox for Hyperhidrosis Increase my Risk of Infection in my Armpit?

I have been receiving botox for hyperhidrosis in my armpits. My next set of injections are mid-February 2012 -my 4th time but 2.5 weeks ago I had a... READ MORE

Botox Didn't Work For Underarm Sweating?

I had a botox injection in my armpit and after 4 days it worked amazing and sweating stopped 90% ... but after 2 weeks the effect stopped and the... READ MORE

Should the tech have rubbed my armpits with alcohol rubs after Botox for hypohidrosis?

It's very unlike me, but I didn't do a lot of research before this because I just need the sweating to stop. After the doc left, the tech said she... READ MORE

Botox Injections Under Arms to Stop Sweating and No Results?

Hello i've had botox injections under my arm or armpits to stop sweating and the doctor told me that the results will appear within a week or so and... READ MORE

Having Botox After 2 and a Half Months for Sweating. Is That Safe?

My insurance is running out so my doctor scheduled me to get the botox even though it is only two and a half months after getting the injections in my... READ MORE

Botox for overall excessive sweating?

Do you think I should use botox because it is not only palm or armpit that sweat.I s it possible to get many injstions at the same time in different ares? READ MORE

Botox injections in armpits and getting pregnant?

I am so upset I am making myself sick. My husband and I are trying to conceive and I got Botox injections in my armpits for hyperhydrosis. My... READ MORE

Question About botoxia armpit.

Hey am from Finland and i think am destroyed my entire life whit botox. Problem started after second time i injected it in my armpit's my whole body... READ MORE

Botox taken for hyperhidrosis not working properly.

I'm suffering from excessive sweating in my palms, feet and armpits. So I have taken botox 100 units for both my palms (each 50 units). After 15 days... READ MORE

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