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Weird Eyebrow Arch After Botox

I had Botox injections for the 4 first time 7 days ago. The horizontal lines across my forehead are gone, there is still a vertical crease between my... READ MORE

What did Kylie Jenner do to get arched eyebrows? (photos)

Her eyebrows look drastically higher in all of her current pictures. Did she get botox injections? READ MORE

High Eyebrow Arch on Sides After Botox

I had Botox in my glabella area. It all looks fine, but when I raise my eyebrows, they stay down near my nose and raise up high with a real arch at... READ MORE

How Many IU's of Botox Would It Take to Lift the Eyebrows?

I recently was treated with DYSPORT (25 IU's) to increase the arches of my eyebrows. it did absolutely nothing. i wanted to try botox this time, and i... READ MORE

Sunken, Heavy Eyes and Uneven Eyebrow Arch After Botox in Glabella

Hi, After Having Botox in Forehead I Developed a Lump Above Eyebrow, I went back to injector who suggested having glabella area treated. Two days... READ MORE

Lower Eyebrows for Men? (photo)

Hi i was born with extremely high arched eyebrows. I am a male but my eyebrows are way to feminine. I wanted a more masculine look with lower eyebrows... READ MORE

Ways to fix overactive eyebrow muscles?

My right eyebrow, with the exception of when my face is at complete rest, has the tendency to raise/arch significantly higher than my left which stays... READ MORE

How Much Botox Would It Take to Dramatically Lift Brows?

Picture on the left are my current brows. picture on the right is how i would like my brows to look. doctor injected me with 25 IU'S of DYSPORT and it... READ MORE

Will my Natural Eyebrow Arch Return Once the Botox Droop Wears Off?

I have, or had, beautiful naturally-arching eyebrows. I had Botox injected for the first time last week by a board-certified dermatologist for my... READ MORE

Can botox make your eyes go from round-like to a cat eye look?

Can botox make yes become more squinted, but not in wrinkle way but cat eye way. How far can botox make an eyebrow arch? READ MORE

What can I do for my eyebrows? One has a higher arch than the other. (photo)

Is Botox right for me to fix my asymmetric eyebrows ? One has a higher arch than the other. It's really noticeable when I laugh too bc the one with a... READ MORE

I'm 21; Would Love a Botox Brow Lift. Would a This Work with my Age/features? (photo)

Hello,& thanks so much in advance for your great advice- I really appreciate it! So basically, I'd really love to get a Botox Brow Lift. I use... READ MORE

Average Botox Units to Lower Eyebrows for Young Men?

I was recently told that injecting botox will relax eyebrows enough to flatten the high arches and bring them down to a more rested position. as if to... READ MORE

Can Botox help to give eyebrows more of an arched shape?

I'm 21 years old and have never liked how straight my eyebrows are. Could Botox injections improve this and give more of an arch shape to my brows? READ MORE

Arched Eyebrow with Ptosis/Botox?

One eyebrow is arched higher than the other eyebrow; I also have eyelid ptosis on that side. As I get older, the vertical line above this eyebrow is... READ MORE

How many units of Botox I need for a slight brow raise? (photo)

I'm 25 years old and have never gotten botox before. I want my eyebrows to look arched and raised. How many units of botox I need for this. I don't... READ MORE

1 Yr Post Botox, Arched Muscle 24/7 Above My Brows?

I am 1 yr post botox. I had it in my glabella, forehead and crows feet region. It is still wearing off because my undereye are is still still trying... READ MORE

Can this be corrected? I have a weird wrinkle in each eyelid, angled toward the arch of my eyebrows. (Photo)

First time getting botox just a week ago and i now have a weird wrinkle right above the crease of each upper eyelid. The wrinkles angle up towards my... READ MORE

Outer eyebrow too arched after Botox? What to do?

I had Botox done 7 days ago for the first time. the outer parts of my eyebrows are more arched making me look harsh, my eye puffy and swollen a bit... READ MORE

Would 6 units of Botox in Frontalis Muscle cause this drastic eyebrow arch? Will it go away fast? It was a small amount (Photo)

I asked for "a tiny" amount of Botox to soften the slight crease I constantly have in the middle of my upper forehead. My injector did 3 shots in a... READ MORE

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