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What Are the Best Botox Alternatives?

Not so sure I want to try Botox.  Are there good alternatives that will help me get rid of wrinkles on my forehead the same way Botox does?  READ MORE

Azzalure vs. Botox: which is better?

On Fox today there's an announcement that Botox has a new competitor in Britain called "Azzalure" sounds like it's Botox (botulinum). Do you... READ MORE

What Is The Best Filler for Glabella Lines?

Hello! I got 25units of botox on November 7th. I can still make those 11 lines and the depression is still there. Should I look into a filler and... READ MORE

Does Botox Work For Nasal Labial Folds?

Does Botox Work on the Lines from the Sides of the Nose to the Edges of the Mouth? or is surgery the only option? READ MORE

I'm a 47-yer.old Man with Strong Forehead Muscles. I Did Botox Twice, but See Very Little Improvement.. Any Suggestions?

The first time Botox didn't work at all, the second time horizontal wrinkles got softer, but still there, the same as between the eyes. Doctor is... READ MORE

I Do Not Have Lasting Botox Results. What Are my Alternatives?

I do not seem to have lasting effects from Botox-type injections. I do see an improvement but it typically lasts no more than a month or two, and by... READ MORE

Deep Lateral Lines Under Eyes- Other Options?

I had botox on my eyes,it cleared up the lines at the sides of my eyes,but the lines underneath my eyes,and wrinkles that run undre my eyes.and from... READ MORE

severe pain after botox in calves

  Cant use ibuprophen and is autistic cannot handle the ice packs what else can be tried her dr won't give her pain meds for the side... READ MORE

Machine As an Alternative to Botox?

I saw a hand held machine that can be used as an alternative to Botox on the the news. The machine was invented for Bell's Palsy patients. What is the... READ MORE

I'm pregnant and need help. Are there any Botox alternatives that actually work?

I am pregnant 7 weeks and am freaking out cause all my forehead wrinkles and crows are coming back from not having Botox ! Are there any alternatives... READ MORE

Treatments for Excessive Sweating Besides Botox?

I’ve heard of using botox injections to treat excessive sweating. Is there a treatment for excessive sweating that has the same results, but is less “... READ MORE

Can Hyaluronic Acid be used for forehead wrinkles and crows feet if Botox doesn't work?

I have developed resistance to Botox, I´m 36 and I guess I´ve used it for almost 10 years it used to be wonderful, but now it doesn´t do anything to... READ MORE

Does Anyone Perform GFX Nerve Ablation (Glabellar Furrow Relaxation)?

I am interested in GFX Nerve Ablation (Glabellar Furrow Relaxation), but when I do a search on the web, I can't find any recent articles on it or any... READ MORE

Is Botox Safe To Use for Treatment of Frown Line If I've Had Bells Palsy?

I am 32 year old and I had a bell’s palsy around 15 years ago and still I have left with a few residual drooping in my left eye and eyebrow... READ MORE

Are There Options to Botox in Relation to the Preservatives Found in Them?

After receiving several botox injections (4 sessions over a 12 month period with varying number of units) I experience itchyness that becomes... READ MORE

Botox Resistance After 6 Treatments?

I've had botox to crows feet approx 5 - 6 times with no treatments lasting much beyond 2 months, approx 20 units each time. First results were great,... READ MORE

Natural Alternative to Botox?

I want to have it done on my forehead but I saw this review about a natural botox. Has anyone of you tried it? Please let me know, thanks! READ MORE

Botox on Crows Feet Didnt Work. Done Again but Didnt Work Again. Should I Allow the Dr. to Inject More?

Botox on Crows Feet Didnt Work.  Done Again but Didnt Work Again.  Should I Allow the Dr. to Put More in READ MORE

Doc, What Are All the Difference Between Chinese B-tex and USA Botox?

Doc, pls give me a detailed answer on doc, what are all the differance between chinese b-tex and USA botox. READ MORE

My glabellar muscles are always contracted. Is there an alternative treatment to botox?

This past month I have noticed that my glabellar muscles are always contracted! This is causing me a lot of discomfort and giving me headaches! I cant... READ MORE

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