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Is there allergy testing for Botox?

I had botox injected between my eyebrows for 2 deep lines I had. I had the procedure done around 11am and that evening I started feeling a tightening... READ MORE

What is the best way to get rid of deep under eye lines? (photo)

I've had allergies for many years and have only recently addressed them. As a result I've gotten quite heavy/deep set lines under my eyes that I am... READ MORE

What is going on? Will this resolve and how long will it take? (Photo)

Got botox in forehead, brow, and 11 lines. Dysport for crows feet. This was a month ago. Last week I went for a touch up because of the Spock look.... READ MORE

I have swelling and bruising to Botox, dysport and Xeomin. Is this normal?

I have had it done around my eyes - 4 times. My reaction to Botox, dysport and Xeomin, as follows: Onset of swelling within 2 hours, bruising around... READ MORE

Botox Allergy? (Photo)

I received 50 units of Botox and the next morning I woke up with a swollen forehead & eyelids. I sent the images to the aesthetician and she said... READ MORE

I had 10 units in my forehead 12 days ago. My inner lid is swelling. It looks like I have an eye allergy. When will this end?

Had 10 units Botox 12 days ago in my frontalis. May 15, had 14 units in glabella. Looked great. But the frontalis shots have made my eyes hooded &... READ MORE

Is Botox safe for a sensitive person with allergies?

I'm a 47 year old female considering botox for the "11" lines between my eyebrows, but I have a extremely sensitive body. I allergic to food... READ MORE

Hives on Right arm and right buttocks 4.5 hours after botox. I'm mild asthmatic I get allergies.

Hi, I had 14 units of botox (first time)for brow lift, 4.5 hours later I got bad hives on upper right arm, and little on butt. some general itchiness... READ MORE

Can I use Botox again after my allergy test came back inconclusive? I broke out in hives a year ago after Botox and Dysport.

I was tested for Botox and Dysport allergy as well as the numbing agent. The test came back inconclusive. I also took a sleeping pill the night before... READ MORE

I am allergic to eggs, what are the alternatives to botox?

My area of concern are my forehead and the fine wrinkles above my top lip. I have tried wrinkle cream for 12 years, with no luck, and am attracted to... READ MORE

Can botox cause food allergy?

I had botox 1 year ago, i am now allergic to 80 percent of food you know.. Any similar cases? I have no allergy history at all, i am a female 50 yrs... READ MORE

Can Botox to masseter muscle affect my ears?

Hello, I had Botox to my MASSETER muscle 5 weeks ago and I've had ear problems ever since. It started 2 days after the Botox with pain in the ears. I... READ MORE

Allergic to Paraphenylenediamine. Is there a link to bacteriostatic sodium chloride allergy? (photos)

Previous Botox was fine, sodium chloride only used. This time I used a new medical professional. After my reaction I discovered she used BSC. I'm... READ MORE

Medication allergic reactions, will Botox cause any problems?

Lover the years had true allergic reactions to antibiotics. Also had serotonin syndrome, this was very scary. Botox seems to be fairly safe and when I... READ MORE

I suffer with allergies (oral allergy syndrome, birch oral allergy syndrome) but want to have Botox done. Should I avoid??

Ok, so basically im allergic to all fruits and veg, soya and certain nuts (hazelnut, brazil, almond and peanut - that i know of) I really sensitive to... READ MORE

Face massage and botox?

I've massaged my face and neck every day for about 5 years now with taking a few months break once in a while and ill start to do it again when i... READ MORE

Egg allergy and botox/Azzalure. Is there a risk?

I have an egg allergy and have been prescribed an adrenalin pen 6 months ago after a nasty reaction to egg. Ihad always eaten eggs but developed this... READ MORE

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