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Allergic Reaction to Botox...When Will the Symptoms Go Away???

I received Botox for the second time for my face and 3 days later was covered in hives, a sunburn like itchy burning rash over my torso, neck, chest... READ MORE

Alternative for Someone Allergic to Botox?

I am terribly allergic to Botox and have deep furrows in my forehead. What can I do? I have tried Botox 5+ times each with a different doctor so I am... READ MORE

Risk of Allergic or Toxic Reaction to Botox?

This article lists side effects from clinical trials, but no specifics on allergic reactions were mentioned [http://women.emedtv... READ MORE

Lumps on forehead after Botox injections? When will they go away? (Photo)

I've gotten Botox injections in my forehead from my dermotologist for a little over 2 years now and have never had an issue. This time, I experienced... READ MORE

Why Am I Getting Hives After 10 Yrs of Using Botox?

I have been using botox on my forehad for 10 yrs and the last 2 times I have gotten it done I've gotten huge painful hives that last about a week.... READ MORE

Does Botox or Other Injectables Contain Gluten?

I have celiac disease and need to know if botox or any of the dermal fillers have gluten in them as an listed or unlisted ingredient? READ MORE

If I were to have an allergic reaction to Botox, how long does it take to show up?

I have had Botox 5 times, last time I had Botox I panicked. The only symptoms have been a slight headache. I work about injecting unknown chemicals... READ MORE

Botox can, and for some does, cause dry, bloodshot eyes. The FDA agrees. Doctors please don't delete this; don't be defensive.

I've seen a few posts regarding this topic; all summarily dismissed with some irresponsible answers. From: In 20 years I've never seen it To: The... READ MORE

Botox Allergy Testing. I Want an Allergy Test but Doctors Offering Botox Said it is Unheard of. Why is This?

I had botox over a year ago while on antibiotics a few hours after treatment my eyes started burning very badly,also over the next to weeks I... READ MORE

History of Anaphylactic Reactions - Safe to Get Botox?

I have a history of anaphylactic reactions that started in my early 20's. lasted over 10 plus years, into my early 30's. I probably had 20... READ MORE

I Had Botox Injection in my Forehead 5 Days Ago, Immediately After Injection I Had Allergic Reaction Such As Erithema and Edema?

I had Botox injection in my forehead 5 days ago, immediately after injection I had allergic reaction such as erythema and edema in injection site,... READ MORE

Can I Inject Botox if I'm Allergic to Penicillin and Erythromicyn?

I am interested in trying botox and I'm concerned about my many antibiotic allergies (all derivatives of penicillin and erythromicyn). Is this ok? READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria?

Hi, I've had glabellar Botox 3 times, ~8 months apart. The last time was on 21-July and 3 weeks later, on 10-Aug, I developed hives. I had a skin... READ MORE

Can I Still Do Botox if I Am Doing Allergy Shots?

I am currently doing allergy shots for trees, cats, dogs, grass, molds, roaches. With doing that and since I am on my maintance I have noticed I have... READ MORE

Botox for 11 Lines Without Irritating Sensitive Eyes?

I understand that Botox works very well for 11 lines. How well would it work for the line across the bridge of my nose without affecting my very... READ MORE

Drooping Eyelid Caused by Error or Allergic Reaction?

I've had Botox 5 times and 3 of those times I had drooping eyelid. The last time very serious and lasted for 4 months. Could I be allergic, or is it... READ MORE

Can I Use Botox if I Have a Hard Shell Seafood Allergy?

Can I Use Botox if I Have a Hard Shell Seafood Allergy? READ MORE

Allergic to the Albumin in Botox, Now Having Extreme Edema Throughout Body, When Will it Subside?

I found out a few months ago that I have a strong sensitivity to albumin and didn't realize it was used in botox. I received the injection and now... READ MORE

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