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Who is Legally Allowed to Buy Botox?

I have seen on this site that so many types of medical practitioners can inject Botox...dentists, psychiatrists, etc. I also know many women who go to... READ MORE

Mentor Getting a FDA Approval on Botulinum Toxin Type "B"

Has anyone heard the latest on it's approval status and deliver date? I know Allergan has the monopoly on Type "A" READ MORE

Does Allergan Use Non Medical Sales Reps to Teach Physicians How to Inject?

Who teaches the plastic surgeons and physicians how to inject? I found an injector who does not have a medical license but she claims she worked for... READ MORE

Should Botox be reconstituted with preserved or non-preserved 0.9% NaCl?

I know with STS you can use the bacteriostatic 0.9% NaCl, but Botox (Allergan) states the non-preserved should be used for reconstitution. Thank you,... READ MORE

Can I use both xiamen and allergan botox at the same time?

I see two different surgeons for botox, I like the one for my chin and the other for my forehead. I just got injected with xiamen, and am due to go... READ MORE

Is Azzalure Botox good as Allergan botox ?

Dear DR>>> is Azzalure Botox good as Allergan botox ? can use it under eyes is there any side effect for the future ? and is there any limit to use it... READ MORE

Azzalure and botox the same?

Is 10 units of azzalure the same as 10 units of botox? what about allergan? READ MORE

Are there doctors who researched safety concerns of 36,000 adverse events about botulism from Botox and decided NOT to see?

Considering Allergan is the main financial sponsor of the "peer-reviewed" articles, I would think the discerning doctor would consider those "facts"... READ MORE

If I was going to get Botox what is the time frame & what serious side effects could occur?

If I was going to get botox what is the time frame where serious side effects could occur? Straight after or days/weeks/months. Why do allergan warn... READ MORE

Allergan units? (Photo)

I have developed a slight drooping brow from Botox I received 4 days ago is 10 Allergan units at either side a lot? Will this wear off before the 3... READ MORE

How much are you paying to source your Botox?

How much are you paying to source your Botox and from where? Are you purchasing directly from Allergan? READ MORE

Is it possible to track a doctor if he's using authentic Botox?

Is it possible to track a doctor if he's using authentic Botox? Will Allergan know? Can Allergan check it by license number to track his orders? Just... READ MORE

What I have to do to be safe before injection of Botox after an attack of anaphylaxis?

I was subjected to botox 3 times,1st time was alergan ..passed ok,,2nd ,3rd time was by refinex that after injection of 40 unit at last time developed... READ MORE

I received several vials of Botox at my office. They were not cold and there was no dry ice in the plastic?

Can it still be used any effectiveness lost,anyone else have this experience It was ordered the prior day and I opened it with in 24 hr of the... READ MORE

Botox injected between my brows about 3 months ago. My bruise healed but I am still swollen. Any idea why or when I will heal?

Any idea why or when I will heal? I was injected by a very experienced PA that currently trains for Allergan and Botox. To provide further information... READ MORE

I'm having muscle spasms between and right above my brows 5+ wks post Botox, esp when I wipe or rub the area. Is this normal?

My injector (a PA, 14 yrs exp) did 20 units between brows. Within 4 weeks I regained a good bit of movement. About 5 1/2 weeks I started having muscle... READ MORE

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