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Botox After Care?

Do I really have to sit up for 4 hours after Botox? Do I need to make the required facial gestures continuously for 4 hours? Why do I have to do this?... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Swelling After Botox?

Had botox 5 weeks ago in the middle of forehead. Since then I can not see very well because the upper lids have swelled. I have slits for eyes. I was... READ MORE

How Do You Treat Same-day Mildly Swollen Bruising from BOTOX?

It's been 5 hours and i have mildly swollen bruising on my forehead and between my eyes at injection sites. is it best for skin to treat the... READ MORE

Can Botox change the shape of my eyes? And how can I get rid of the puffiness in my inner eyelid?

I got Botox for the first time for my crows feet back in Feb 2014 and loved the effect. I returned 3 weeks ago on June 18th to get another dose the... READ MORE

How Tight Should I Wear my Ponytail Once Receiving Botox in the Forehead? I Wear a Ponytail Daily.

I wear my hair pulled back and in a ponytail daily. I am interested in getting Botox in my forehead. My question is.. By pulling my hair back would... READ MORE

Botox post-procedure with Neuronox?

The doctor was adamant about me not getting my hands wet for about a week, this includes wearing surgical gloves while showering, etc. Is he being... READ MORE

Botox after care?

What are the true after care instructions with Botox? why can't you lay your head down and no exercise? READ MORE

Yesterday I bent over while dancing and dabbed forehead, did I mess up my Botox? (photo)

Yesterday I got 22 units of Botox in my glabella. I was told the only restriction was to avoid laying down for 4 hours. About 6 hours after my... READ MORE

I had Botox injected into my frown lines today and am concerned about it migrating. Should I be worried?

I was never told about any aftercare by my nurse practitioner and about 2 hours after the injections I laid face down for 30 minutes for an... READ MORE

Is this 'dent'/horizontal wrinkle at top of forehead is the result of Botox wearing off unevenly? (Photos)

(Injected December 2016)  My GP / Aesthetic practioner always does a really great job with excellent after care, the reason I've been a repeat... READ MORE

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