Acne + Botox

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I'm 23 yrs old. Can Botox Cause Acne?

I have had several treatments of low dose accutane as a teenager. Recently, at the age of 23, I received botox injections in my forehead for migraines... READ MORE

Why Would Botox Cause Lasting Acne Break Outs?

I have never had acne (I am 34) then I had Botox and 4 days later broke out and 5 months later it is still here. My Dr said it isn't the Botox but... READ MORE

Minocycline for Adult Acne. Will This Interact Badly with Botox?

I'm 30 years old and take Minocycline to control my acne. Although I know its not GREAT to take antibiotics for a long time, I do know if I stop... READ MORE

Can Botox Produce Acne?

Is one of the side effects greassy skin in the injected area? READ MORE

Will Taking an Antibiotic, Like Doxycycline for Acne Interfere with the Efficacy of Botox?

I take 100mg of doxycycline a day for acne. I have had some botox done one recently for cosmetic reasons and wonder if taking the antibiotic might... READ MORE

The term "baby botox" gets tossed around, I am wondering how many units that would be?

Early 30s, no real lines unless concentrating (reading/computer/etc) . After years of tanning in my teens and some mild acne on my forehead, will... READ MORE

Can Duac and Botox Be Used at the Same Time?

I've been using Duac for acne on my back, and I'm now considering Botox. I read that Clindamycin and Botox shouldn't be used together. Does this only... READ MORE

Botox for wrinkles vs. Botox for acne?

I'm a 28 year-old female, and I currently get Botox injections in my forehead to help with wrinkles. However, I also suffer from severe acne that... READ MORE

Alternatives to Botox/Dysport?

I've had botox injections three times and it has left my blemish-free face covered in acne (I know doctors don't consider acne a side effect, but... READ MORE

Can Botox cause acne?

2 years ago I had botox in my forehead and then shortly after had a very severe breakout that lasted for about 3 months. Are there cases where that... READ MORE

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