8 Months Post-op + Botox

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Prominent Veins After Botox for Crow's Feet

I had Botox for crows feet eight months ago. The Botox effects are gone (and they were not good), but now I have what looks like a varicose vein next... READ MORE

8 Months Post Botox: Mouth Still Not Working Properly on One Side when Smiling

When I had botox 8 months ago for crows feet i had severe bruising as though there was fluid in the bruise below the eye. I still have a crooked smile... READ MORE

Jaw botox cause permanent muscle atrophy? (photo0

I received 25 units of botox ON EACH SIDE of my jaw on 2 occasions(Dec '12 and March '13) Now, 8 months later, my lower facial muscles and even my... READ MORE

My upper eyelid has been drooping for 8 months since I last got Botox, with no improvement. Is this permanent?

I returned to the technician and was given eye drops. I used the drops for a while but without improvement. Now, 8 months later, my eyelid is still... READ MORE

Bad side effect of botox in jaw still present 8 months later.. Help? (photo)

I had voiced my concern before about two jaw botox treatments I'd received in December and March of last year. 50 units (25 each side) was injected... READ MORE

Breastfeeding and botox. Is it safe to resume?

I stopped breastfeeding after 8 months, and I treated myself with a botox treatment. Is it possible to resume breastfeeding, if I continue to pump and... READ MORE

It Has Been 8 Months Since my Botox Injection and I Still Have Blepharoptosis/Blurred Vision?

I have read the posts of botox not being permanent specifically in causing blepharoptosis, however it has been over 8 months since I had the injection... READ MORE

How long should it take for Botox to get out of my system?

I got Botox in November of 2015 in my legs and it paralyzed me how long will it take to get the botox out of my system as I got too much to begin with. READ MORE

I had Botox in my neck 8 months ago and I still can't swallow and have bones on me. Will I need a feeding tube?

Will I eventually need to be put on a feeding tube since I have a partial swallowing paralysis after having botox in my neck 8 months ago which was... READ MORE

Had Botox for the first time 8 months ago and have had increasing head pain since. Why? Will it go away? Ever?

I had Botox 2/15 to treat my 11's,forehead, and around the eyes. About a week following I started experiencing a headache (not horrible, alleviated by... READ MORE

Radiesse and numerous Botox injections in the same exact area - can the results overlap?

I had Radiesse/botox both in exactly the same area (bunny lines/chin) at the same time in February. I later had botox in my bunny lines in May and Oct... READ MORE

I had Botox done 8 months ago. Still dealing with pain and dry eye.

I had botox on crows feet area, eyelids upper and lower and eyebrows I never had dry eye prior to botox, nor did I ever use eye drops > now I am on... READ MORE

Botox injected Aug 2015 and it completely changed my face. It hasn't returned to how it was before. What can I do?

I have photo before and after on my other question. I got botox last august and it has changed my face is still frozen around the eye area and it... READ MORE

Why has my Botox not worn off under eyes after 8.5 months+?

I had botox on my forehead and around the eyes, & directly under the eyes, so about 3 days later my under eye fat pads dropped down, so I believe she... READ MORE

Does anyone know why my cheek is puffier than the other which is making my smile line realy deep? (photos)

I had Botox around 7-8 months ago and ever since Iv noticed one of my cheek on the right side sits lower than the other making my smile line really... READ MORE

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