7 Months Post-op + Botox

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Will my Indentations Above my Eyebrows After Botox Go Away? (photo)

I got botox in March 2013 and noticed about a month later deep indentations above both my eyebrows. I thought they would eventually fade, but they... READ MORE

Botox fail (forehead & jaw line). Had droopy eyelids & couldn't smile properly. Been 7 months but my cheeks remain saggy (photo)

Ive had previous botox treatment Oct 2014.Had consultation w/ doctor but the person who administered to me was a Nurse.Afte just few days i noticed my... READ MORE

I Had Botox 6 1/2 Months Ago. 26 Units in All 1 Under Low Lashes?

I unit directly under each eye lid I now have dent in left cheek n bags under eyes.. What is happening to my face? READ MORE

Botox nightmare 7 months post?

25 years old reason getting botoxed-my 11's date injected 3rd Apr 2013: entire forehead, sides of nose and between brows. Now 7 months later botox... READ MORE

botox injection caused unbalanced face

I had botox injection 7months ago for my facial muscle next to the jawbone to reach a smaller looking face. However, it was such a failure. the dimple... READ MORE

What is this under my eye? I had Botox 7 months ago- I also had a little Restylane, but not directly under my eye. (Photo)

No one knows what to do- I am going to oculoplastic surgeon next. The lady that injected me is very defensive and says she does not burst vessels and... READ MORE

Can someone who had eyelid ptosis after Botox injections between brows have eye and mouth spasms? Is it related?

7months ago I had botox injected between my eyebrows the doc gave me a towel to wash my face after from the numbing cream the botox had migrated (I... READ MORE

I still can't smile properly 7 months after Botox injection into the chin, how much longer will this last? (photo)

I was injected in my chin with Botox and I haven't been able to move my lips properly since. I have been pratiscing facial muscle excerisces and see a... READ MORE

Botox causes dystonia

I had botox 7 months ago and left eye ptosis a lot of dizziness heaviness on my head forgetfulness also had restylane under my eyes the same day.... READ MORE

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