5 Months Post-op + Botox

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How Long Before Botox Completely Wears Off?

How long does it take for Botox to completely wear off? I had Botox injected almost 5 months ago, and I can tell that it is still not out of my face... READ MORE

Bump on Forehead from Botox

I got botox on my forehead (third time) but on the last occasion i seem to have developed a bump. It has been nearly 5 months since the treatment and... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Botox to Be Completely Gone?

I have had botox for five months now and I can tell that it is still in my face and I don't like the results so I just want it gone. I had been... READ MORE

Botox for Nasolabial Folds and it's Been 5 Months and I Still Can't Smile?

I had 15 units of botox in November 2011 above the nasolabial folds and next to each nostril to reduce my deep smile lines. I could not smile at all... READ MORE

Can Botox Under the Eyes (In the Eyelid Area) Cause Permanent Puffiness / Eye Bags?

I had botox injected into my lower eyelids in an effort to remove some of my under eye wrinkles. About a week, after the injections, I woke up with... READ MORE

I Had Undereye Botox 5 Months Ago and Still Have Have Horrendous Fat Pouches Under my Eyes.

I have returned to the cosmetic surgeon twice and he said that it would go in time. I look like I have two black eyes, minus the bruising! I went to... READ MORE

Lower Lid Drooping and Wrinkling from Botox

I had a Botox treatment back on 9/11/2008 for crow's feet on both eyes. I saw some nice improvements to the lines in a week, butabout 6 weeks later I... READ MORE

Botox Caused Permanent Damage to my Eyes. Facing Surgery to Repair? (photo)

PICTURES & MEDICAL DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE.I was injected w/botox only (licensed provider) 19wks ago - forhead & by tear ducts.Within days, I was... READ MORE

Is It Save to Use Botox to Correct 'Lion's Wrinkle' 5 Months After Nose Surgery?

I had a nose surgery 5 months ago, and although it looks great already it is still healing. I soon would like to take care of the 'lion's... READ MORE

5 Mos Post Botox?

Each time, I have treated my forehead , between brows and crows feet. I am trying to swear off botox because initially I didn't need it. I am 42 ,... READ MORE

Jaw Shifting to the Right After Botox for Square Jaw Reduction?

Hi its been 5 months since Ive had botox. I had and still have a lot of numbness at the bridge of my nose, cheeks and gums near my right wisdom tooth.... READ MORE

Facial Massage/Exercises Post Botox?

Hi, Dr's. I am 5 mos. post my last botox treatment and am trying to swear it off since I never needed it to begin with. It leaves me with saggy under... READ MORE

Can Acupuncture Help Simulate Nerve in Facial Muscle and Improve Muscle That Were Atrophied by Botox?

I have received touch up dose of 10 units (each side) 3 weeks ago and I did not like the result. The touch up dose kicked in way sooner than initial... READ MORE

What can be done to correct a drooping eyelid five months after Botox injections?

My plastic surgeon injected Botox under both of my eyes about 5 months ago for under eye bags. About 2 weeks later I had severe drooping of the lip... READ MORE

I had botox when I didn't need it. When it dissolves, will my skin look more aged? I don't have any lines

Im 26 and 5 months ago I went to dermatologist for my under eye circles that was my only problem I had and she injected me with restylane also... READ MORE

I received botox 5 months ago and as a result have a drooping eyelid. When will it get better? (Photo)

It's been 5 months and no improvement? Sometimes it gets worse. Should I be worried? Also I've received botox from many dr and this is the only one... READ MORE

Redness Months After Forehead Botox Injection?

Hi , I had a botox injection five months ago for frown lines and forehead . after one month, in midline of my forehead began redness and pain and it... READ MORE

Is it normal to have tension headaches five months after Botox to forehead?

I had first Botox about five months ago: 32 units - 12 in glabella and rest on forehead. I have lately been experiencing tension headaches and... READ MORE

Is it normal for Botox to remain as bumps and can it cause hair loss? I am a 62 year old female that got injected by a surgeon.

One injection was done in the middle of my eyebrows and many all along the top of both eyebrows. After 5 months, I still have a large hard bump in the... READ MORE

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