5 Months Post-op + Botox

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How Long Before Botox Completely Wears Off?

How long does it take for Botox to completely wear off? I had Botox injected almost 5 months ago, and I can tell that it is still not out of my face... READ MORE

Bump on Forehead from Botox

I got botox on my forehead (third time) but on the last occasion i seem to have developed a bump. It has been nearly 5 months since the treatment and... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Botox to Be Completely Gone?

I have had botox for five months now and I can tell that it is still in my face and I don't like the results so I just want it gone. I had been... READ MORE

Botox for Nasolabial Folds and it's Been 5 Months and I Still Can't Smile?

I had 15 units of botox in November 2011 above the nasolabial folds and next to each nostril to reduce my deep smile lines. I could not smile at all... READ MORE

Can Botox Under the Eyes (In the Eyelid Area) Cause Permanent Puffiness / Eye Bags?

I had botox injected into my lower eyelids in an effort to remove some of my under eye wrinkles. About a week, after the injections, I woke up with... READ MORE

Botox Caused Permanent Damage to my Eyes. Facing Surgery to Repair? (photo)

PICTURES & MEDICAL DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE.I was injected w/botox only (licensed provider) 19wks ago - forhead & by tear ducts.Within days, I was... READ MORE

I Had Undereye Botox 5 Months Ago and Still Have Have Horrendous Fat Pouches Under my Eyes.

I have returned to the cosmetic surgeon twice and he said that it would go in time. I look like I have two black eyes, minus the bruising! I went to... READ MORE

Lower Lid Drooping and Wrinkling from Botox

I had a Botox treatment back on 9/11/2008 for crow's feet on both eyes. I saw some nice improvements to the lines in a week, butabout 6 weeks later I... READ MORE

Is It Save to Use Botox to Correct 'Lion's Wrinkle' 5 Months After Nose Surgery?

I had a nose surgery 5 months ago, and although it looks great already it is still healing. I soon would like to take care of the 'lion's... READ MORE

5 Mos Post Botox?

Each time, I have treated my forehead , between brows and crows feet. I am trying to swear off botox because initially I didn't need it. I am 42 ,... READ MORE

Facial Massage/Exercises Post Botox?

Hi, Dr's. I am 5 mos. post my last botox treatment and am trying to swear it off since I never needed it to begin with. It leaves me with saggy under... READ MORE

Jaw Shifting to the Right After Botox for Square Jaw Reduction?

Hi its been 5 months since Ive had botox. I had and still have a lot of numbness at the bridge of my nose, cheeks and gums near my right wisdom tooth.... READ MORE

Can Acupuncture Help Simulate Nerve in Facial Muscle and Improve Muscle That Were Atrophied by Botox?

I have received touch up dose of 10 units (each side) 3 weeks ago and I did not like the result. The touch up dose kicked in way sooner than initial... READ MORE

Five months after Botox to my lower face and my smile is still crooked. Any input?(photos)

I had botox on may 1 and was told i had 5 units to the lower face the DAO now i have the record showing i actually had 15 units at 2.0 percent... READ MORE

Is it normal for Botox to remain as bumps and can it cause hair loss? I am a 62 year old female that got injected by a surgeon.

One injection was done in the middle of my eyebrows and many all along the top of both eyebrows. After 5 months, I still have a large hard bump in the... READ MORE

Lazy eye after Botox wears off?

I go Botox 5 months ago. In the last 2 weeks one of my eyes has started to look significantly smaller then the other; almost like a lazy eye. Will... READ MORE

I had botox when I didn't need it. When it dissolves, will my skin look more aged? I don't have any lines

Im 26 and 5 months ago I went to dermatologist for my under eye circles that was my only problem I had and she injected me with restylane also... READ MORE

What can be done to correct a drooping eyelid five months after Botox injections?

My plastic surgeon injected Botox under both of my eyes about 5 months ago for under eye bags. About 2 weeks later I had severe drooping of the lip... READ MORE

Redness Months After Forehead Botox Injection?

Hi , I had a botox injection five months ago for frown lines and forehead . after one month, in midline of my forehead began redness and pain and it... READ MORE

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