3 Months Post-op + Botox

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Can You Inject Botox and Filler at the Same Time in the Same Place?

I have a very deep line between my eyebrows, I was told it would need a few units of botox, but also some filler to get ridd of it. Can that be done... READ MORE

Botox Has Destroyed my Face & my Life. Is There Any Hope of a Recovery? (photo)

3 MONTHS ago I was injected (forehead ONLY) w/ 21 units of botox. A few days after, I developed extremely swollen eyelids, huge bags, double vision,... READ MORE

Botox's Gone Wrong (On my Chin and Jaw)? (photo)

In November 2012.I had Botox on my chin 4 units ( to make my chin longer said the doctor) and 30x2=60 units for jaw reduction . Two days after I had... READ MORE

Can Botox Cause Bulging Veins and Tight Skin?

I had botox once approximately 3 months ago for the wrinkles when I frown. It is now starting to wear off slightly and I have noticed a prominent vein... READ MORE

Botox Caused Small Eye and Extra Eyelid Folds in Crease, Is It Permanent?

Botox injection drooping of the eyelid never subsided. 3 months later same injections. left eyelid drooping looks like left eye is half size of my... READ MORE

Botox Drooping Eyebrow Permanent?

3 months ago I had botox which caused drooping of one eyebrow. Although I now have what seems to be full movement back suggesting the botox has worn... READ MORE

Swollen, Puffy, Eyes from Botox - Permanent Damange over 3 Months Later. Any Suggestions? (photo)

I had botox injections 13 weeks ago @ a botox recommended provider. Within a few days, I had puffy, swollen eyes and deep bags that were never there... READ MORE

Horrific Permanent Botox Damage (Swollen,sunken Eyes,w/ Bags)-what Surgey Will Be Needed 2 Correct? (photo)

4+ MONTHS ago I had botox @ a registered provider.4 days later, my eyes were swollen w/ huge bags under.I have NOT improved & can verify... READ MORE

I had botox 14 weeks ago. Will the dents in my forehead smooth over or do I need filler? (Photo)

This seems to have got worse all of a sudden. I also have a smaller dent by my eyebrow and wrinkles where I didn't have wrinkles before. Is this... READ MORE

Can Botox-Induced Pseudoherniation Be Resolved?

I had Botox to treat crows feet 3 months ago and ended up with a pseudoherniation of the orbital fat pad under my left eye. I've reviewed... READ MORE

I Am Worried About Permanent Ptosis From Botox

I received Botox on 1/18 & today 3/29, my eyelid is still drooping a bit...it hasn't returned to normal. Years ago I had blashoplasty (upper... READ MORE

Ptosis getting worse 3 months after Botox?

Got Botox for the 1st time 3 months ago into forehead, glabella and crows feet. I noticed eyelid swelling/ptosis the next day. My eyes are sunken into... READ MORE

3 Months and Still Have Droopy Eyelids Following Injections To Forehead and Crows Feet. What To Do?

Hi , I got botox injected right above the eyebrow, forehead and crows feet im 28 i got 30 units !my dr said it will go away after 1 months, its been... READ MORE

Can Botox Move After 3 Months?

I had injections over 3 months ago, for the first time, in my forehead. All was fine. However, the last few weeks I have seen the effects start to... READ MORE

Numbness After Botox in Crow's Feet, Will It Wear Off?

3 months ago I had botox injected into my crow's feet - 5 units each side. I was very unhappy with the results - developed bags and new wrinkles... READ MORE

Wrinkles Have Returned Only a Few Months After Botox, Is That Normal?

I had botox a few months back and now I can see the wrinkles come out again, which means my botox doesn't work anymore. READ MORE

Does Botox Make Eye Sensitive to Light?

Hello doctors my name is folan i m from Iraq i was injected by botox three moths ago since then i suffer from bad vision i became so sensitive to... READ MORE

I still have a droopy eyelid 3 months after Botox. Could it be permanent? (Photo)

I had Botox 3 months ago for forehead and crows feet. The dermatologist injected without markings or squint of left eye. A week later I saw him... READ MORE

Can Botox cause nerve damage?

I had Botox 13 weeks ago. I'm now getting movement back but my eye still looks slightly dropped and between my eyebrows and across my eyebrow the eye... READ MORE

Will I go back to normal after Botox causes eye bags and eye discomfort?

Dear doctors, I am 2.5 months post botox around the eyes and I have been suffering from eye bags ever since the botox. The inner corners of my eyes... READ MORE

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